Thursday, April 16, 2015


meet kenna.
she started modeling at a very young age.

unfortunately i didn't know her at this stage of her life.

now she has become a pro at taking pictures of herself:

why all these beautiful pictures?


today is kenna's birthday!

yep, she is officially an adult.

so weird.

she's so lucky. now she can take pole dancing classes, get tattoos, all that fun stuff.....

kenna is a super fun, "derper" (Dr. Pepper) addicted, pizza obsessed, crazy best friend

We met almost 2 years ago, and weren't friends.
(good start right? haha I think that most of my friends I disliked at the start...)

Her sister and I were good friends though so I saw her a lot.
I have no idea how we became friends....the earliest I remember was probably when she told me she'd give me a ride home from school. They were the awkwardest rides EVER let me tell you. But then I think we became like okay-ish...? She was on swim team and I was on dive so I saw her at meets and we became better friends.

Then, I wanted to try pole vaulting and she said she'd do it too! Her mom freaked out and said she was going to crack her head open. I think that's when everyone realized that I'm kinda weird and like doing random stuff and that our friendship would be based on doing crazy weird stuff. oh. and food. food=friends.

 Next crazy thing? Boxing.

i drew on my left eyebrow. yep. long story.

It's all history now. 
(that was supposed to sound like inspirational or deep or something but I'm tired, so fail)

We have gotten to the point of her mom buying me ice cream and asking what she wants me to have her buy from Sam's club haha. I will also chill at their house when no ones there and eat their food and watch Netflix because we are family now haha

Even though we are super different, we are also very similar

~we are both smart
~both love junk food
~both sing super loud in the car
~both like adventures
~both take really ugly pictures
~both love Netflix
~both rant to each other about other people all the time

Super sad though because she's a year older than me...


Ugh. Here are her senior pictures though.
This makes up for the plethora of....not so good pictures haha

Happy Birthday Kenna!

Don't go break any laws because then I'll have to visit you in jail and jails scare me a little...but they are also super cool...maybe you should go to jail....

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