Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mormon Prom

Let's start at the beginning of the day Saturday.

Rainy. Humid. 

What's the best way to spend a rainy day? At the museum!

Went to the Nelson Atkins.

Casually meandered/got lost.

Found this painting by Monet.

You always here about the "Water Lilies" painting, but I didn't realize that it's actually a series of 250 paintings!

Outside was sooo pretty....
Naturally had to take some freaking awesome pics.

 Okayyyyyyy story time:
so I'm awkward....yes we all know that...
As I casually looked down from the second floor down at the people I think I started day dreaming. As in like I was probably there for 5 minutes thinking how cool of a picture it would be if someone took a picture of me overlooking everything because the museum is so dang cool. Then my mind started to wander and I don't even remember what I was thinking about, but the umbrella that was around my wrist slipped off and fell. Yes. Fell down towards the people below. 

so pretty right??

What am I supposed to do in this situation?!
Well naturally  I freaked out. 

Didn't know what to do so I started cracking up as I half sprinted half speed walked downstairs.

Because it's better to laugh then cry right??

I called Savannah because I didn't want to be like arrested and her not know, so I tried to whisper the situation to her over the phone in between my hysterical outbursts of laughs. 

There was a mix up though and she thought I said that I dropped my bra downstairs!

Well we walked around where the umbrella dropped (luckily next to a person-not on one) and couldn't find we left the museum.

I was so paranoid.

fast-forward a couple hours and a nap later

Like 3 days before prom my mom basically told me she didn't like my other dress and didn't think the alterations would be done in time, so she looked up a million other dresses we could buy. I loved one from Nordstrom's that was white with blue flowers because it was different and I like being different. So she bought it in 4 different sizes.

Two showed up in time, but the petite ones didn't.

This was kinda a problem because I'm "short" apparently.
(5' 3" is only TWO inches under the average and I'm pretty sure I'm 5' 4" now so....)

So my mom offered to hem my dress. An hour before prom started.
Yeah that was a fool proof plan.

Ended up taping it up (scotch tape) but then looked weird so I just wore the 8 inch too long dress.
With my 4.5 inch heels it wasn't that long though.

Okay. Next our awkward dinner. 
Since it was Mormon Prom everyone was basically just having dinner at someone's house so we had it at mine.

we ate escargot! (actually just me and cole)
We also had an italian soda bar.


I think I might have permanently broken my no soda streak but idk yet....

Here's our cute groupppp
(apparently blue and black are this years colors because we did not plan this at all!)


We chose to go dateless. Stag. 
No we are not polygamists.
Mormons aren't polygamists.

So yeah there's that.

However if they were polygamists and got us as their wives they would be luuuccckkkyyy because we are fabulous and we now it.

Here's just the girls because yes.

My dad let me drive his car.


so yeah. thanks makenna. you are such a good friend.

Awkwardly showed up to the dance an hour late.

It would have been fashionable if it were like 15-30 minutes...but no. AN HOUR.

Yes we are weird....
The theme was Paris so there was an art gallery that was supposed to be the Louvre. 
So we took those pictures. So proud. We are cool.

horse ridessss because limos are main stream

Hopefully I will get all the other pictures soon....
But after, Benny came over and asked me to prom.
So yay!
This will be exciting and probably packed with interesting stories.

(thanks mom for the lovely photography skills)

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