Monday, April 20, 2015

Graphic Design

This whole week we have supppaaa long classes everyday.
As in 3 hours.
As in I'm complaining but this is exactly how college will be.

Anyways expect a lot of posts as I will most likely be bored.

Last year I was in an art class and they had an art fair and I never got any of my actually cool art back. I only got my crappy ones back. So this year our teacher is having us upload all of our art to a blog so that we can see it at home (instead of come to school because we are lazy).

Soooo instead of losing all my art I thought that it'd be best if I just added the link so I could look at my art in the future if I wanted.

^ there it is. a few of my illustrator projects ^


  1. you're so talented!! enjoy this time of college even though it feels crazy because you'll miss it! :)


    1. thank you! haha I'm still in high school though, so I have a longgg way to go.