Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Weekend + Random Cool Things

Trying to cut down on how many posts I put out because I now have an excessive amount.
This is gonna be a long post. Bear with me.

On Friday we went to the West Bottoms to these super cool antique/decor store things. I don't even know what they are considered, but they are soooo cool! If I end up living in Kansas City I will definitely buying lots of furniture and decorations from this place!

There were all types of people there. I love people watching. 
I could pick out the rich people, the preppies, the few country people, my teacher (yes. it was so embarrassing because he is one of those awkward teachers so i avoided him.), and the random people who just happened to bring along their pet goat...?

On Saturday Makenna and I went to Feldman's to see if they had any of the Easter chicks.

S'cute guys. S'cute.

There was a sign that said like "don't handle the chicks or something" 
So we just looked.
And then looked to see if any workers were around...and then touched one....
And then picked one up for like 5 seconds....
And then held it for a really long time....
And then some kids came over and were full-on taking them out of the little thingy we were it so a worker came over haha

We took lots of pictures with them, but I kinda wanted to take one home...
So we started coming up with an exit plan.
aka who can we give these to once we can't stand them anymore...
started calling up all the farmers we know haha

Meanwhile I called my mom and asked her what she would do if I brought some chicks home.
she said "you need to look up how to take care of them"
I took that as a yes.

A man walks in and says that he can't return his two chicks and asked if anyone wanted them.
*eyes get bigger*
(they were only $2.99, but hey, now we could both get large lemon berry cream slushes and cherry slushes)

Look how cuuuuteeee
pink and green
Penney and Viper

AND my mom didn't kill me!
She might soon though because they won't shut up....

Ironically making deviled eggs by the chicks hahahaha
Makenna suggested we feed the chicks the deviled eggs because she's evil.

Awwwwww so fluffy!

Many failed pictures as they tried to fly away....

Makenna has only been pooped on.....5 times..?
I've only been pooped on once because I'm a bird-whisperer obviously.


Watched conference which was great as always, but I'll need to go reread the talks because sometimes I doze off.... (I'm just going to be real honest haha)

Made attempted to make [veggie] sushi
okay it actually worked out in the end

This is the best looking roll haha
then you zoom out.....
and bam.
notice the many failed pieces that I just lumped into a pile...

On Sunday my family attempted a Easter meal based off of what Jesus would've probably eaten.
It was good, but my brothers are really picky and so it wasn't very authentic.
More like grape juice....fake candles...pepperoni...hahaha


then the week started and I never posted and this week is almost over so I better post this soon.

Monday was nice because it was "senior skip day" and most of my classes are seniors so I just sat around. It was truly great.

Tuesday I was stressed out and couldn't think so I decided to go to the temple by myself. Every time I've gone in the past I usually just jump in with another group there so I just assumed there would be another group there. There ex-boyfriend's family. That was awkward. And tmi but I don't care. The flowers outside though were gorgeoussssss though so it's all good.

On Wednesday we did another last supper dinner but this one was amazing.
so cool.

 And I mean that's kinda where everything stops.
I can't remember anything these past couple of days.
I'm going crazy. I've been shaking and biting my nails and zoning out. I don't know why I have so much anxiety though. Ugh.

I guess I'll just eat more ice cream hahahahah *crying*

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  1. making deviled eggs... right next to the chicks. how cruel.