Wednesday, April 15, 2015

FBLA State!

So apparently we qualified for state?

I know. Shocker.

Of course our business plan that took us forever and was super stressful we didn't place in (no complaints here, because that way we didn't have to present it again), but we qualified in the test portion. I placed in Economics and Kenna placed in Securities and Investments and Business Math.

Basically what that meant is that we didn't really need to go down to Springfield, but I mean we got to miss 2 days of school! ...even though I hate missing school....

headed out on Sunday!

the crew.
this was right after we went to a little bakery place and I didn't get food even though the school paid for it and I still regret that decision. ugh. I was just so full from all the snacks I ate on the way up ha.

One of the best parts??

We went to Andy's TWO different times!
First I got a beautiful banana split (and ate half of Makenna's peanut butter concrete....)
And then we split a chocolate cookie dough concrete
Made the whole trip worth it.

We each got our own bed! HALLELUJAH!
And we got to room together. Part central y'all.

We obviously made so many friends HAHAHAHAHA
funny joke.

Bass Pro Shops

I'm not even kidding.
We had time to kill so we went to the "tourist attraction of Springfield" (pathetic right?)

We decided to take weird pictures with everything, it was so entertaining.

no that is not Cole hahahahhahahaha

they tried to make me buy one of the neon hats. heck no. sorry.
they suck at serious faces. i rock. 

we are adventurous guys!

got so many weird looks for that one haha

yes. it's normal to hide in the sleeping bags.

Famous Miss H quotes:

Cole: "Look a spirits store....wooohhh (ghost noises)"
Miss H: "That means liquor"
Everyone: ".....okayyy.....hahahahhaah"

Miss H: "Did you know lemon juice has more lemon in it than lemonade powder? (totally dead serious)"

Miss H: (referring to the rear back-up camera) "oh wait. Does the red mean I'm getting close?" *hits curb*

Our teacher was the best hahahahaha


We look so hot for 5 AM.

I went to bed at 2:30 and woke up at 5.
That was fun.

I got kinda crazy at night.....
Makenna posted a video on her blog.
I promise I'm not drunk.

All in all a good trip haha

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