Monday, May 4, 2015


guess what this weekend was.....


I didn't want to wear the same dress as I did from last prom because I'm a spoiled brat and my date isn't tall enough for me to wear my 5 inch heels, and I was NOT about to cut my favorite flower dress ever. So I was totally okay buying another dress haha

I also ended buying this dress 2 days last one.
this one was from asos though. 

I actually really liked these pictures but figured I probably shouldn't post these pictures because I didn't want to look super self centered, but the picture I ended up posting probably ended up being worse.....story of that coming up.


Makenna came over so that we could take our freaking awesome billard pictures/pictures (because we were in different groups), but then our moms were both there and it made it super awkward because they were hard core judging us and making fun of us the whole time. 

Still got some sick pics though.

tripppppy right?!


don't worry we got some actually normal ones too.

makenna wouldn't freaking pose for any of the pictures so it's basically just me pretending like i'm playing in all of them. oh well. we have a whole pinterest board of other photoshoots we need to do.

i'm doing everyone a favor by cropping out our faces. the expressions were less than classy.

^my personal favorite. of myself.^


don't get offended that i cropped you out kenna.
nothing personal, you just didn't look good in that one and i did (<<foreshadowing)


look how freaking good we look in this one!

especially with the trampoline in the background

THIS one is THE best though:

we. are. so. photogenic.

ANDDDD break.

from here we split up to our separate groups.

^^fav picture from of all the ones with the group^^

savannah was in my group (thank goodness)

she and i can also make lot's of cute poses:

that's my cute date. he's a good friend. i don't know how he has dealt with me this long. i'm literally so sassy and rant to him allllllllll the time. if you are reading this benny, sorry! i'm an awful person and you know it. but i'm also hilarious.

right here was my rant and mean thoughts.
i took them out because the people it was about found it....

lol rip to that mean person because i'm trying REALLY hard to be nicer


what's more important than pictures?


we went to gordon biersch in the power and light district downtown kc.

it was pretty fantastic.

oh whoops. can't crop anyone out of this without ruining me.


****okay. people have to read this in a SUPER sarcastic me voice otherwise...holy heck you'll think i'm the worst person in the world (i'm not actually that bad. this is just some of my exaggerated evil awful thoughts......)****

as we were leaving, there was a cinco de mayo festival where there was plenty of drinking so we met some pretty animated drunk peeps.

top quotes:

"only marry a girl who you can talk to while you're pooping"

"we are soul mates because i held her up while she was wasted and taking a $@#%"

daniel: something along the lines of "would you date me"
"i'm 26 and married to this guy *points* (also supppperrr wasted)"
daniel: "if you weren't married would you give me a chance?"

"marry someone who you can do FREAKY stuff with"
me: okayyyyyy........*awkwardness*

"are you guys going to prom? ... have fun after hahahahahah"
(a little creeped out by that one^)

"hey do you guys want some drinkkssss...?"
*tries to hand over half drunk plastic cup of beer*

it was so funnnyyyyyy.

drunk people rock.


next we wenk to SKY ZONE

here's my classy picture of my purtty corsage, nasty fingers, and hot skyzone socks with the cool bathroom floor lol.


we ended up changing though so we wouldn't rip our dresses.

of course they had a freaking cool orange wall too!

as i'm writing this post 2 days later, i can say that i am stillll sore....
only because i go crazy here and do cool stuff

like super cool stuff that makes you sore.

after we went and watched a movie and i ate like a whole carton of ice cream. 
(no surprise there)

so yeah....

happy junior prom


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  1. You are so gorgeous and look amazing in that dress (: