Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 1: Portland, Maine

This trip starts faaaar beyond Thursday May 28. 
This trip starts about mid-January when my mother started planning like crazy.
No joke. I think every day I came home she would be on the computer looking up things to do.

I mean this is a good thing, but also a bad thing. 
Good because our trips are usually great and we try lots of new things.
Bad because there is no room for flexibility or trying new things we find here and my mom is always stressed and busy over planning everything.

Like I'm not kidding. She spent MONTHS planning.
She printed out about 50 different restaurant menus and started deciding what she was going to order.
That's a little excessive right...?

I don't know, I guess I just like a little bit more of the relaxing part of a vacation. There's like that perfect mix of fun, relaxing, and learning that I like.

So anyways.

Makenna came over Wednesday night and brought ice cream (HALLELUJAH) and whales (hard pass), so that we could get a good nights rest. in stay up super late because that seems like a really good idea when your flights at 4 am. 

We were both already sleep deprived, but she was at the "going crazy" stage and I don't even know what I was at I was just so confused and emotional haha (no I was not on my period).

I remember at one point she realized that the whales only had eyes on one side and started crying.
Like actual tears.
HAHAHA we were a mess.

My mom finally told us to shut up. 
Jk my mom would never tell us that (I feel like when I'm a mom I will probably do that though lol) but we still had to go to bad. Bummer right?

So then we woke up the next morning.
Drove there.
Boarded the plane.
Flew to Baltimore.
Then landed in Portland.

Maine is my main homie.
that doesn't make sense but i keep thinking it so i'm just going to add it anyways.
also repeat with me "teva's are love, teva's are life"

i just realized this is a lot of text....oh well

We went to Burger King.

no idea why it won't turn! cryyinggg
my food was crackalackin' though.

all food groups included (important ones anyways)

1. veggies
2. fruit (lemonade lol that's a joke because lemonade is like 6% real juice!)
3. fats mmmmmm

Okay. Rant time.
(I feel like this is really common...."a rant a day keeps me sane" <<that should be my motto or something. Also I feel like that rhymes but I really can't tell because I'm kinda really tired....oh well.)

Burger King rant:

when i go to new places i want to try new things. a chain restaurant is not anything new or unique.
ALSO kinda unrelated but actually kinda related, i hate how my brothers are on their phones like half of the time. WE ARE SOMEWHERE NEW AND COOL. get off your phone! it's not even like they are texting friends, they are playing stupid games!!

okay I'm done.

however my parents did let me get pie at BK.
i felt special.
wow crap now i seem like the spoiled child....

After we went to Cape Elizabeth to visit the Portland Head Light.
Unfortunately we didn't go into the museum because we were all anxious to get down to the water, but this light house was constructed at the will of George Washington! It is the oldest lighthouse in Maine (although when it was built it was still part of Massachusetts) and the most photographed light house in the world! 
Pretty famoussssss.

It you walk on the trails around  you can get to scenic overlooks and the beach and stuff:

teva's are love. teva's are life.


adrenaline junkie over here.

We stay at Marriots a lot because my dad gets lots of free nights because he stays at them a lot, so we were extra happy when we got to stay on the concierge floor. 
It's not even that fancy but it made me feel super cool because you had to have a special key just to get to our floor hahaha 

In the concierge lounge they had fruit.
I don't know what kind of evil fruit this is, but it was terrifying because I thought the seeds were edible but I don't think they are and I was so confused on how to consume this devilish fruit. 
I just realized that I trusted the hotel people a lot.
What if it was actually a poisonous fruit??

*also i don't know why but all my pictures are loading turned now! so strange. and they won't turn back! also, blogger why do you still not have an image rotation tool to use while constructing a post??? come one, it's 2015 now.

When I got back in the room, I think my family started a movie.
I don't even know.
I was a little bit tired from getting no sleep....
So I fell asleep at 7 aka 6 pm KC time.

Wellllllll that kinda screwed me over because then I woke up at 11 and couldn't fall asleep until 3!
So thanks again Makenna for staying up until 2 to text me because my wifi wasn't connecting and my phone's internet connection in Maine was not superb, let me tell ya.
I had lots of fun playing Mario on my brother's DS. Ya know, lots of mature intelligent fun. Spent lots of time waiting for things to load and for my Candy Crush lives to be replenished.....

ALSO my dad snores SUPER loud.
It was super hard to sleep.
Which is why I didn't really....
At one point I took all the pillows off my brothers bed and made a nest on the floor and used a robe I found in the closet as a blanket. Yep. But that didn't last long because it was chilly on the ground. 

That was random. Oh well.
I needed to write this all down before I forgot it all, because whenever people ask what I did I don't ever remember/don't want to actually think, so now I don't have to!

Yayayaya, I'm so smart.

The End 
(of day uno)

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