Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day 3: A Whaley Good Day

Sorry guys, puns are life.

so first we went to a candy store. not that important to me, here are two pics, next thing.

Can check another temple off my list!

Here come the WHALES!!!

our boattttttt!

protecting myself from sea sickness.
tried basically every different thing you could do.

the views were crazy pretty!

me trying to pull off a hat lol
look at my crazy hair
so humid. much humid.

This is the best photo I have as of now because of the lost camera situation...

On our whale watch trip we were on the water for like 2 HOURS without seeing a whale!
All the whale watching ships tell each other when they see whales so we can all see one on our trip, so by the time we saw a whale there were 3 boats all circling the whales. Poor whales....

We saw a mommy Humpback whale with her baby!

It was adorable.

The baby kept doing flips and that's the tail that we usually caught in pictures.

They were crazy big actually!

I mean that's obvious, but still...

My favorite part of the whale watching though wasn't looking for whales but standing at the front of the boat. I felt so powerful haha like if I was in the Percy Jackson, I'd want to be Percy's half sister because I LOVE water, but it's also so terrifying so I'd want to have power over it.

That was so weird, sorry but that was ALL I could think of for like an hour and a half!

After the boat ride we headed out to Boston!

As we drove into Boston we were hungry and wanted food and everyone was freaking out and it was crazy. My mom wanted me to look up reviews on like alllll the restaurants around to find a at least 4 star one but I finally convinced them to just pull over to a random pizza place. 
Best decision ever.
Sometimes you just have to do something unplanned!

Pretty okay start.
Can't go wrong with good pizza.

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