Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 4: A Sunday in Cape Cod

Today was a chill day.
We had a rough nights sleep; my brothers slept outside and it started pouring at 4 am.
Their apartment though?
sooooo adorable.
and their kids?
even cuter!

For church we thought we'd go to the Cambridge, MA church/ward.
The building was 3 stories, with 3 stories underneath for parking.
I find that incredible.
I love how far the church has come.
I love how much they've done outside of Utah.

Apparently like 7 years ago when my parents were last here there was a lot of tense relations between the LDS church and the other churches in Boston. But then the LDS church building burnt down, bad right? Yeah...BUT it was like there was a huge flip in feelings and a of a sudden all the churches allowed them to have services in their buildings and the malice towards one another was gone. So really it was a blessing how the church burned down, ironic, but it seems that the best way to unite one another and create loving atmospheres is to have something bad happen....

That was kind of random.

I feel like I wasn't supposed to take pictures--pretty sure you aren't, but these aren't like IN the church so we good.

While we were leaving the meeting (in the cultural hall) I went upstairs and there was a Spanish speaking ward, and then in the Relief Society room there was a Chinese speaking ward! 

After we left we went to CAPE COD!
YAYAYA we thought.

apppparentlyyyy we chose the only 3 days that would be raining.

It was in the 80's before AND after.

Our luck is grrrrreat.

However, we did get about 2 hours in when we first got there where it was pretty warm!
I finished my whole book (yay!....but now I have nothing to read on the way home...)
I don't think I got tan though....

thank you Nauset beach for being good to us...

Soooo I just have crazy awesome(awful) farmer tanlines

We saw a seal though.

Yay nature.

Got out of the water to tan after that because shark attacks are from the sharks thinking people are seals. Seals attract sharks. I'm NOT about to get eaten by a shark. I already don't like sharks.

You know that part in Unbroken where the shark jumps out? 
Yeah I jumped SO high multiple times.

My mom also took this rad pics.
I think it was at this beach...all the beaches kinda get jumbled together

After we checked into our cute little motel haha first class right here.
And watched Frozen.
We are classy y'all.

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