Wednesday, May 13, 2015

First Job

so yesterday was my first real day working at Hy-Vee.

i made like 20 pizzas.

i tried to write this post last night but all i ended up writing was:

"i'm so tired i can't remember what i even did...."

so here's what actually happened.

i got there and was freaking out because last time i was there i met a few other people who i'd be working with and they said that our manager jackie was really hard to get along with and was mean. well.....they were lying to me. 
jackie is the nicest person ever. 
(hopefully I don't regret saying that)

i am probably the most awkward server in the world. 
i only had 2 people ask if it was my first day though, so that was good....

i also forgot to brush the garlic butter stuff on this one guys pizza, so that sucks for him.

here's my cheesy selfie.
LOLOLOLOL get it? cheesy.

here is my FIRST pizzaaaaa
so proud. 1/2 cheese 1/2 pepperoni

here's this weird veggie pizza that i was supposed to make.
is it normal to put carrots on pizza...?

I got to talk on the intercom not once but twice!
I'm so cool right?

Also. EVERY hour they throw away everything they haven't sold...
It makes me so sad because there are people starving and here we are being spoiled Americans throwing away food every hour.

DAY 2:

It was a lot busier than my first day!

I started out packaging all the pizzas and printing the stickers for them...
let's just say I messed up a lot of them because no one explained to me what everything meant!
I'm pretty sure I mislabeled at least 10, so that's awkward....

I'm going to be fired. What the heck.

Actually "bought" food.
I say "bought" because I thought that when you selected the employee meal that they would just take it off your pay check or something, but apparently you have to have actual money....

So the cashier bought my dinner.....thanks homie.

Met Ari again. She's super cool!
Maybe going to get me in trouble since we ate the cinnamon rolls, took a long break, and she told me I could leave early....

So yeah...
this is an interesting start.

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