Monday, August 29, 2016

Diamond Head

The first hike of the Outdoor Adventures club for this semester:

Diamond Head

Woke up at 6:00

Got on the bus at 6:30

Arrived at the bottom around 8:00

And....started up.

There aren't really rules. They kinda just say that we are all adults and if we do something stupid that is on us. They had first aid stuff, and snacks for us, but besides that we could go as fast or as slow as we wanted, and if we missed the bus on the way back then that sucked haha.

(they did have people check in and out though so that was good)

This was the top view point.


and I mean our group of 45 didn't help

So....we jumped the fence that said do not pass and went to a different little bunker....

.....and got the raddest pictures. 

So worth it.

And it wasn't crowded!

(well it became a little more crowded once all the other college kids realized that we hadn't gotten yelled out lol)

squinty eyes to the MAX am-i-right

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