Thursday, August 18, 2016

Class Summary

This semester I'm taking 17 credits, and let me tell you....


I'm dying!

I still don't have a job and I'm taking 2 religion classes, 2 GE classes, an art class, and Physics 2. I'm hardly busy at all truthfully. That's why I have time to do fun stuff all the time haha.

Here is a rundown of the classes.
(I will withhold professor names because I'm so scared they will find this haha)

1. Book of Mormon Doctrine

One of the 4 requirements for CES schools, it is a really good idea to have all students take this class. From my experience, the class is more of a "do the assigned reading and then come ask any questions in class". There isn't a ton of structure in the classroom, just random questions from students.

What I really like about the class is the articles and scriptures he assigns us to read. They are always super powerful and insightful, and it's nice to have someone pick them out for me instead of my having to search and find them.

The class itself is super easy. I think we get points for showing up, but most days he will just call out 10 random names and if they are all present, he marks everyone as attended. He also gives us 5-7 questions everyday that we are supposed to look up and answer. Those aid questions are the midterm and final questions, but on the tests they are multiple choice--I don't anticipate getting anything less than an A in this class.

2. Critical Inquiry and Analysis

This is one of 3 required GE classes, and it is a JOKE. I think it is mostly the teacher. There is no point to this class. He is honestly crazy. He has started writing a book about how "the technological revolution is the most important revolution in the world" but has no sound evidence whatsoever. So we basically spend 2 hours a week of sitting there listening to his crazy ideas. I would be fine with hearing his ideas if I actually thought he was intelligent and had sound proof, but he doesn't and is not smart. He will constantly be spelling things wrong, his first chapter of his book and our first like 3 classes were about the difference of exponential growth and linear graphs (IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE YOU BETTER LOOK IT UP REAL FAST)--the really really sad thing is that multiple people failed the quiz. How. You need to go back to 5th grade. This is freaking college.

The good thing is that he enjoys debating, so I constantly challenge just about everything he says in class. It's great. Everything he says is controversial or easy to attack, and he can't defend any of it because once again he has no proof! Every answer is "well that's what 'the scientist' have proven". I'm pretty sure everyone in my class thinks this class is stupid.

I could rant forever about this class (and I usually do), so I'll just spare you and move on.

3. Physics 2

The only class I have that is actually challenging. I'm so glad I switched into it though!

1. I'd be soooooo bored
2. This is the last class I'm taking that uses Calculus, so after I pass this class, I will never ever use hard math again !!!

Physics is time consuming though:  we have class every day, a 3 hour lab weekly, and I go to tutoring 3 times a week for 2 hours each day. So I mean that counts as like 2 classes I think.

Super worried about the first test though. I'm hoping it is not that bad. These 3 chapters we learned are supposed to have one of the hardest in the whole class so I think I will be fine. I think I kind of have grasped the concepts, I just need to memorize the equations better.

The homework for this class is INSANE though!! I don't even know like how to even start them (that's why I got to tutoring lol), we get like 6-7 problems weekly and it takes a total of about 5 hours to solve them.....ugh. I'm glad to start checking off pre-dental requirements though!

4. Foundations of the Restoration 

I'm not going to lie, this class is sooooooo boring.

It is so hard not to fall asleep.

Also, he is really strict about electronics so that sucks. I mean I'm not one of those people constantly on my phone because is like destroyed and barely works anyways, but I don't like it when teachers are like super strict like that.

The articles he has us read are amazing though. I enjoy the homework a lot.

5. Local Communities

This is a pretty cool class in theory.

We learn about historic Hawaiian culture, some Hawaiian words, etc.

The class has three little rotations it goes through: lecture (random person in community talking about something, one person talked about coral reefs), class discussion, and a field trip.

We have gone on two field trips, one to a fish pond that the people were restoring (apparently there used to be tons of them and Hawaii sustained itself, but now they import like 95% of their stuff), and a grass planting thing where we were trying to get rid of erosion (can't really remember why erosion is bad...I kinda fell asleep...but I thought it was good for the fish ponds, so idk).

It is really cool seeing all this stuff I'd probably never see otherwise, but it sucks in a sense that we really don't help a ton. Like I planted one plant and then carried a bunch of rocks. I don't know haha

6. Photography

This is a pretty cool easy class.

I like it because it gets me to take a lot more pictures!

I've been slacking on pictures because my phone screen is DESTROYED.

Like LCD is going out and super cracked and have duct tape on it.....

So I'm probably going to buy an iPhone 6 just sucks because it is $400.


lol jk

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