Thursday, April 28, 2016


Day 2 = so much walking and sweating and panicking lol

Let's just start out with the fact that it was 75 degrees which isn't even that hot but it felt SO hot. And I wasn't wearing socks because I forgot to pack some ugh. Fortunately my feet surprisingly didn't get blisters or chafe or anything, just got really really sweaty feet.

I may or may not have missed the train by 2 MINUTES. Ugh. I had to buy my ticket super fast and then ran past the entrance to the other side, so that sucked. So I just checked out Sunnydale. Sunydale is super new and clean and empty and filled with lots and lots of Mercedes, BMW's....actually like everywhere I went in California was filled with rich people...I found a two story Target to keep me busy. I love Target so much. Sometimes I just go and walk around because it is so entertaining!

Once I got to the very end of the line of the Caltrain, I walked to the San Fransisco MUNI station (municipal transportation aka subway) which is like right across to the street and took the N line (? idk man ?) to the end of the line: Ocean Beach. WHY DID I WEAR TENNIS SHOES?! Dang it. If I could go back, I would have brought a swimsuit and laid there all day. That would have been ideal.

After a couple of hours of walking the beach, I got back on the MUNI and rode it back East a few stops so that I was right under the Golden Gate Bridge park. I then walked for awhile lol so that I could get to it. I stopped in a random little Asian bakery and got an egg tart. I really wanted one of the coconut buns but I had no idea if I was supposed to get one myself or let them sure me or what and they thought I could speak Chinese so I kinda just pointed to the closest thing. Also I mean it is still a sugar pastry so it was okay haha

Once I got there I walked around until I found the Japanese Tea Garden. I didn't realize you had to pay though !!! Ugh. $6 man. Oh well. It was gorgeous, but a lot smaller than I thought it would be, so kinda disappointed. Honestly the rest of the park was gorgeous too, so I wish I could've just spent more time wandering around the park.

I finally walked a BAJILLION miles to Baker Beach to see the Golden Gate Bridge in the daylight. Walking on the side of the rode is kinda sketch tbh, but I mean it worked lol and I didn't get kidnapped!

Ended in the same spot as last night! 

From there it was about 6, and I was tired and hungry, but taking public transportation would take me 2 HOURS not including walking another hour to get back to the hotel..... But having my dad come pick me up would take an hour. So we tried to meet in the middle somewhere. I rode a public bus for the first time ever! ...and turned out to be the wrong I had to transfer again to a different bus. Then frantically used google maps to find a BART station (super fast underground train that runs more South West than the Caltrain) which was so confusing because there was only a MUNI where it was supposed to be, but it was under the street so I found it eventually. I then took it down to Daly City where my dad picked me up (thank goodness I chose the right line and made the correct transfer). We decided to take the scenic route back to the hotel: right down the West coast.

And then had In-n-Out for dinner. 

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