Sunday, April 24, 2016

FBLA State 2016

Second year making it to state for FBLA. This year was for Business Calculations. I tend not to tell people that though because I feel like a nerd/like an idiot because I didn't place at state so why tell anyone?

It was mediocre. 
Truly just posting about this one food place we went to lol:


You always here about it while living in Missouri, but there's no point in driving 3 hours just to eat there and we never really planned any trips to Springfield.

It's famous for its rolls that are thrown at you hot from the oven.
It is actually pretty freaking fun.
And then there are people who come around with beans, fried okra, cheesy corn (?), etc and it's all you can eat.

I got the chicken pot pie with mashed potatoes and glazed sweet potatoes (or yams...what's the difference again?). It was basically 2 meals.

The second interesting thing we did was go to a minor league game--which I've never done before. Maybe I've gone to an Owlz game in Utah...I don't know. It was just fun because we sat front row and saw one of the Royals minor-league teams (lose).

Anyways.....that's that. Kinda boring, but I got to skip school hahaha

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