Sunday, April 10, 2016

General Conference

March 31 my church's youth group set off on an adventure that would test everyones patience, lead to lots of drama, but receive a spiritual experience unlike any other.

I would be lying if I said there weren't multiple times that I wanted to lock someone outside or leave them in Utah. Just being honest. But I mean did you really expect me to say otherwise?

Day 1:
Immediately after school we met at church to start our excruciatingly long drive (16 HOURS) to UT.
Fortunately, my car was the luggage car! So it was only me, Benny, Kyrsten, and Jen--my 3 favorite people on the trip! This was a clever decision of the planning crew. They knew that if we had any other people in the car we would probably all kill them (or maybe that was just me..?).


We spent a couple of hours talking about all that juicy gossip (; 

.....and then promptly fell asleep

lovely face mikaylie, so attractive.............

We stayed in a luxurious .25 star in Nebraska a little less than half way to Utah.

Day 2:
Left early in the morning and got to Utah around 2-ish.
We went to BYU to get a tour (Benny's favorite part), and then had Cafe Rio for dinner.

(I got a half sweet pork, half chicken quesadilla incase you were wondering)
((because if you are like me, I'm ALWAYS wondering because food is the best thing in the world))

We stayed at Elder Wilde's second house (in the 70) in Midway and it was sooo perfect.
Actually Utah is perfect. Like so pretty picture perfect.
I'm so pumped to move there in a few years. 
Probably not live there for a long time, but at least a little while.

Day 3:

Went to Wasatch State Park and just relaxed. Everyone was getting on my nerves (hardcore) about now, so it was nice to get out of the house and just sit outside.

I really really miss the warm sun. I'm SO ready for Summer!

@benny you look more asian than me 

I didn't realize that Midway was where the Swiss settled, and that it was because it reminded them so much of home with all the mountains! So apparently they have Swiss Days every year there! 
I have a whole bucket list of things I want to do in Utah that I never got to do before, or want to do again! I'm so excited.

From there we went to the Saturday afternoon conference session(with all the guys lol), which was by far my favorite. 
Maybe just because I got to go with Benny, I don't know. I'm so grateful they let me go though. They had one extra ticket and I definitely jumped on that opportunity haha.

*insert picture of even more squinty eyes*

Also, the guys got way better seats than the girls. 
For this session we were sitting pretty close to the front, but for priesthood session he got to sit front row! He even talked to Elder Holland about his mission. Jealous.

After, I got back together with the girls +Sav and Makenna (even though they are girls, just like BFFs or something) and went to turning tables. It is this cool restaurant where they have phones and you call in your order and then it rings when it's ready for you to pick it up! 

Me, Sav, and Kenna have hit the point in our lives though where we are very very poor and can not afford $7 hamburgers + $3 fries + $4 milkshakes like the rest of the little girls who came with their parents money. So we split a large cheese fries and went to Wendy's for $1.72 frosty's.

Then we went to the University of Utah gymnastics regional gymnastics meet
I have missed you gymnastics!
And unlike my family, I don't hate the U. I would actually totally go there. It's a super great school too and I know I'd have lots of fun there too.


(Sidenote: I feel like my eye brows look like they curve all the way down. Like they look like they are 4 inches long! Dudeeee have they always looked like that? Because if so I'm a little pissed that no one told me before.)

Day 4:
We went to Sunday afternoon conference with just the girls in the ward. We sat up much higher, but it was cool to see from a different view. My favorite part of being in the conference center is 1. When the prophet walks in--silence. And everyone stands. And the spirit is so strong. You know he's the prophet without a doubt. 2. Singing--it's so powerful. 20,000 people singing a prayer to God. And even better--it sounds GORGEOUS. Not only is the Mormon Tabernacle choir there (world known amazing choir), but I feel like Mormons in general have relatively good voices from singing so much. I don't know, could be a huge stereotype I just made up.

The amount of people leaving the conference center is always so cool. Like I don't understand how this church could possibly be wrong. Yes it isn't perfect, because we aren't perfect, but all together it is miraculous.

I wanted to add the next few pictures just because of how bad they are, enjoy:

super pretty background, but I AM IN THE SHADE

^^^theseeeee ^^^
we are both pretty short, why are we so longggggggg

After we went to the visitor's center to see the Christo(?) and take a group picture.
And Ensign photographer was there taking our picture, so that was dope.
On our way out of the conference center there was a different one taking pictures of us walking out and Kyrsten insisted that they took my picture to add "diversity" lol. I guess we will find out next month!

Day 5:
Left at 4:30 in the morning and drove back all day
Lot's of sleeping (:

s'cute s'cute

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