Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Welcome to another post of random weird useless stuff I did all compiled together !!!

What is this you ask?
Well....we were really bored at work and cooked "banana boats".
I can't remember if this is a campfire thing or something I did once when I was really little, but I remember I didn't really like it. So....I decided to try it again! (we were really bored. also the bananas were free and we didn't know what else to do with them)

I put peanut butter, chocolate chips, oreos, and marshmallows in it. 
yes to all the above except the marshmallows because they were the fake hot cocoa ones and didn't melt (no duh).

Glad I tried again, but don't they look so nasty?? 

Anyways....tried to go on a no carb diet. Lasted like 1 week because then I went to California and heck no was I about to do no carb there.

This was what I ate for dinner 2 nights in a row courtesy of Benny. I ate sooo many eggs that week. Like so many. And lots of lettuce. Because fruits have lots and lots of carbs and so does like everything else in the world.

Then he brought me a Cobb salad from Panera <3
Wow wow wow I'm too spoiled.

Heyyyy my camera came in! 
Still kinda playing around with it, we want to connect it to Tyson's drone and see how that works!

Had a melt down last weekend over this stupid dress and didn't go to Mormon Prom (didn't really care that much anyways), but I feel bad we didn't go out to dinner or anything. 

So I ripped off the sleeves and started all over.
They are kind of unusual, but I did them all by myself and I like being different so it all worked out!

Don't look at my hair or face or smile.
The flowers were fun though lol

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