Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sushi Date

Kinda embarrassing story that comes before this....
I bought this dress at Savers for $8 (!!!), but it was sleeveless so for Junior Prom I was going to add a lace overlay kind of thing for sleeves, but we couldn't find matching lace so we scrapped that idea and freaked out and bought like 3 different dresses which ended up working so that was good. SO, I decided I was finally going to alter this dress for Mormon Prom senior year. Buttttt.....I procrastinated a little. I had this really cool idea in my head of how I wanted to alter it (because I did NOT want to have those stereotypical awful added on sleeves that are completely unflattering. Sorry if I just offended anyone, but there is a difference between being modest and looking good and..not. And yes I am an awful person for judging people like that, but I just see things in a very artistic picturesque kind of way and I don't like it when things interfere. And yes mom, they probably all have lovely personalities and I know you don't care what people where, but you aren't me so sorry.)

I discovered very quickly that it is a little harder to alter things when you aren't a professional and you are trying to do it to yourself. It was also hard because I had to keep trying it on and then taking it off, etc and I didn't wear a bra with it because it was built-in so I had to keep putting my bra on and off which I am pretty sure all girls can agree sucks so bad. OR (what I ended up doing later) waiting till you are home alone lol.

Anyways long story short it was not working out. 
I was getting frustrated.
I ended up having a mental breakdown and just not going.

I'm very impulsive and irrational in case you did not know.

Apparently Benny had planned out a whole surprise date that night and I ruined it and I felt really crappy and disappointed. So we planned to go out the next weekend (oh when I didn't work every weekend).

We went to Saki Asian Restaurant and he tried (real) sushi for the first time.


not his fave.

He did try it though!!!

I probably should have gotten like a veggie one (that's what he's used to), but I got shrimp tempura (he liked, but really who doesn't???), salmon (I like the healthy taste lol I do wish I had gotten spicy salmon or tuna though), and a random one with lots and lots of different fish and fist eggs (not his favorite hahaha).

poor Benny can't use chopsticks very well lol
probably thinking "why the heck did i agree to this. i just gotta be brave and not throw up"

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