Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Weekend in Utah!

I'm just combining all the days into one post, so this will probably be reallllly long....oops.

DAY 1:

Kicked off the trip with this beautiful new food.
The back said it had like 8 servings in it......lololol I ate it all for a snack....
1600 calories right there??

daily reminder of how ugly and weird i am.
i purposely took this in the airport and drooled all over my phone in doing so.


I love books like this haha
Super easy reads (read it on the plane aka took like 3 hours tops),
probably a little inappropriate, idk

I read this, and I was like "wow, this is like an exact quote from last year".
Not even kidding.
I didn't realize that marijuana and pot were the same thing and the guys won't ever let me forget it.

Every time I go the Denver airport, I see this and I'M SO CONFUSED.
Why do I feel like I'm in a museum.????
I really want to ask the designer what he was thinking.

So I just googled Denver International Airport (DIA), and there is so much stuff that came up!
I didn't realize it's the biggest airport in the US and second biggest in the world after Saudi Arabia. Now you know. 
You're welcome.
There's also TONS of conspiracy theories about the airport! I love conspiracy theories haha go look them up. They are so interesting. I watched one video where they went down 6 levels to prove that there wasn't a city below it. Apparently the 70's movie "Close Encounters with the Third Kind"and gave out coordinates of where to meet the aliens and it just happens to be where DIA was built 12 or so year later! But it's really creepy to look at what's below the airport. Go look it up. It's so cool.

typical traveling picture.

here's a super kinda ugly picture of my childhood best friends.
we've known each other for a longgggggg time. 
probably about 14 years now?
we've all been off and on friends. as in one year we HATE each other and then the next we are friends. but i mean eventually we all get back together. so weird.

after they picked me up though, we went and got gelato.
actually it's always good but ugh i love ice cream and gelato and stuff.

i got mexican chocoalte and i was sick so i really couldn't taste it that much but it still tasted good. as in like mentally it tasted good because i couldn't chemically taste it. because sensory interaction.

school. school. school.

If I ever said you were a bad driver, I'm sorry. My friends in Utah are actually the most scary drivers ever. So scary. 

When we got into Saratoga, we saw a car go by and one of them saw that there were boys in it. Seeing as they are boy-crazy, we decided to follow them which I actually thought was hilarious.
They finally pulled into a cul de sac and so we decided to drive past 12 times blaring music and being really mature--that's a given though. Finally we turned around one last time and almost hit them because they had run out of their car and surrounded ours, pounding on our windows. It was so freaking scary because we didn't see them and our brain's weren't processing things very quickly because we were so tired haha. I'm honestly surprised we didn't hit them. It was so embarassing for them haha. I knew them kind of from before, but not enough to have a conversation. More like "hey we follow each other on twitter and like each others tweets" kinda deal.

You probably wonder what this picture is of. 
It's actually out of context and out of order but blogger makes it really hard to move pictures, and for some reason I like how I look in it so I'm keeping it here.

After talking really late, we decided to hike Upper Silver Lake!
Never in my 15 years of living in Utah have I heard of this hike.
It was soooo pretty though.
Definitely worth the hike.

Awkward transition to....

I was basically dying on the way up though. 
No sleep, hungry, cold--then super hot, sick, altitude-shock (yes I made that up), and asthma 
= fun.

I don't know exactly how to explain this face, but I make it a lot.
I think it's a mix of "are you serious", "you're a freaking weirdo", and "whatisgoingon"

Only Maddie and I made it all the way up to the lake hahahaha
I promise it isn't that hard.

When we got back I went with cute little Utah Makenna (not my Missouri Kenna) and got DONUTS.
Donuts and gelato/ice cream are the best things ever.

This was before my no-carb diet. 
So I'm just going to post this beautiful donut and remember how it tasted.......

Unfortunately I didn't get to stay with them long.
Here's our goodbye car selfie haha

When I got to Provo, guess what?
The stars aligned and they were having their farmers market.
Wow. How perfect.

this picture is legitness.
totally tubular.
beyond rad.
pretty swaggy.

i took it.
i know i know. 

Look at us now!
So adult-y.
So responsible.
Buying groceries for the weekenddddddd.
Mine consist of brown sugar, mashed potatoes, soup, and stuffing.
Kenna's = cheerios and corn syrup

Such healthy college kids.
(again. this was beforeeeeee my low carb diet lololol)

We decided to take a shift in the line for the BYU football game.
We wanted to take the night shift but some other girls came and kicked us out.....

Also, sooooo embarrassing....

We sat down at our spot, and like 30 minutes later a friend walks by and tells us that we are sitting in the wrong spot. The bed we were laying on, the pizza we had been eating, the people we were talking to...WE WEREN'T IN THEIR GROUP. 

So awkward.

Awkward walk of shame as we moved to our actual spot in line.

Then I went to Lowe's with my cousin Ryan and his friends.

Crappy picture or it didn't happen right?

...so I took a picture of my awkward arm and leg because I didn't take a picture with them.

I basically spent an hour watching really hot guys who were ACTUALLY good do super cool stuff because I was too intimidated to do anything. BUT then I decided to just do everything because honestly there weren't really any coordinated girls there that night so I was at least better than them. 
(I know. Competition and comparison are bad. Blah blah blah. Well sorry that is like 75% of my motivation to do a lot of things.)

When I got back, I had to run to Kenna's dorm at like 11:45 and it was actually terrifying and I wish I had a cat stabber (long story, but I'll show you it when I buy one). AND THEN she was asleep and I had to pound on the door for 30 min till a different roommate came along and let me in.

We slept for 8 hours that night.
Go us.
We both slept on her twin bed and I'm honestly so surprised she didn't fall off.
I refused to sleep on the edge.
AND I didn't kick her in the face so that's good.


stuffing all day every day am-i-right?
i don't think i will be able to eat any more stuffing till thanksgiving.

note my cute christmas boxer. 
aren't i so festive?
it's not like halloween is in two weeks or anything.

gaining smarticle point:

attended one of kenna's chemistry lectures.
so fun.
so funnnn.
i can totally do this college thing.
(i honestly don't know if that was super sarcastic or not. don't even know.)

Walked out....
and FALL!!!!!!

so pretty.
sooooo pretty.
fall fall fall

went to a lab with kenna.
pretty sure i wasn't supposed to be there. oh well.

so cool though.
dead stuff is so cool.
i'm being dead serious right now.
i know it's hard to tell if i'm being sarcastic. i'm not.

she had to go ask one of the lab ladies how to do stuff so i figured i probably should leave so she doesn't get in trouble.

i walked down 1700 staircases to sit on a pretty bench with pretty stuff everywhere.

for lunch she got chick-fil-a and i ate...?
you guessed it.

pretty sure that was a bad idea.
but i mean i balanced it out with ice cream from the creamery so it all worked out.
(Kenna. and Sav. if you haven't gotten a mint brownie from the creamery yet, go get one. they are famous for them and they are deliciously unhealthy. do i love unhealthy food? no. definitely not. it's complicated. it's a love-hate relationship. sometimes i think i need time apart but i'm so obsessed and infatuated that i always return......currently it's been 4 hours apart today.)

typical picture of someone doing my hair because i get bored.
it was for the byu vs cincinnai
but i love when people do my hair because i have hit the "utter laziness" time in my life.


can this be me. 
that is all.

CJ, Me, Kenna, Elliot

matching face paint.
so cute, we know.

no shame as i show off my super cute tp "nose screw" because my nose bleeds all the time in utah because it's so dryyyyy

saw kiely's husband (pocketofblossoms.com) so took a creeper pic.

front row babyyyyy

sugar sugar sugar
we are so healthy.

there were tons of girls taking pictures with their cougar tails hahah we are a pathetic generation

These two pictures were posted on BYU football's page:
We are that cool.

i look ugly but i don't care

After the game we ran to IHOP and bought food.
Well actually everyone but Kenna and I haha

At one point I lost my phone and I looked EVERYWHERE and couldn't find it.
It was so weird.
Finally I had an epiphany that I might have left it in my menu (it was definitely the holy ghost tbh because who the heck thinks that. no one leaves their phone in a menu and hands it to the waitress and they don't notice either). 

So all worked out. 

I had a really good idea that I was criticized for.


After the game I really wanted to hike the Y at like midnight and sleep at the top till morning for the sunrise.

Okay the sunrise part was dumb because I forgot that the sun would be rising behind the mountain and that we wouldn't be able to see it.....sunset would probably be better.

I got Kenna to do it with me though, so that was good. She's the best because she always does all my crazy ideas with me.

Then Elliot said he would come which was good because it was dark.
But it turns out lots of other people hike up at odd times too. 

We ended up going to Elliot's apartment and watching a movie with his roommates who also came to IHOP. I was actually wide awake but Kenna was tired so we went back to her dorm and slept for 4 hours and then hiked it.

The weather was perfect. Not cold at all. Just incase you were wondering.

(didn't know where to add this transition since we were at their apartment till 1:30)

If you go, read the history, it's super cool.

little windy.
look like weirdo models.

kenna took this. so prettyyyyyyy.

even prettier after the hike 

no pictures of me after showering because i actually don't shower because i disagree with the stupid american laws of hygiene and think that they should be disregarded.

(that was a weird joke.)
(i know it wasn't funny.)

weird pants.
weird feet.
cool leaves.

look at all the weird/cool stuff at byu:
.....sword fighting....

yet another meal i don't remember when i ate.
but it appears that i eat a lot.
....and that is entirely true.

this was canned soup from walmart so fancy.
it's actually my favorite.
i think it's called spicy gumbo.
go buy it.

me: *casually spends every minute of my life taking pictures of my awkward situations*

Kenna came up with the best idea ever: pizza

look how awkward i am. how fun.
that white pizza was delicious.
i wish i could go back and eat pizza with kenna.
i miss my pizza buddy.

went to a volleyball game.
go byu.

Kenna set me up on a date. How kind of her.
It was actually pretty good for just meeting them that day haha
We went to Comedy Sports downtown Provo which was funny, then went to Coldstone, and then went to the canyon overlook which was super pretty and freezing hahaha.

Andddd.....we lied and said that I was a freshman at MU which was the hardest lie to make ever because it makes zero sense why I would ever go to MU. But we had to pretend like I was in college because I'm 17 and they were 22...


But I'm so excited for college now.
So excited.

the cast/crew/members (?), me, zach, kyle, kenna


We had to take a cute pic before I left.
We should have had someone else take it because our outfits were so cute.


Actually stuck in Utah till my flight at 5:15 that morning.

So fun missing another day of school and being behind and wasting a WHOLE day.

wow. lame.


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