Sunday, November 1, 2015


"searching for the candy"

costumes for our ward trunk-or-treat:

help we is weirdos

i'm just going to leave this here lol

Actually carved a pumpkin this year!
I can't even remember the last time I carved one...
Just some background info, it was national cat day hahaha

I swear I get really into national days....
wow. what a good marketing strategy to boost purchases. 

This picture made(makes) me really mad.

 high school: where your teachers dress up apparently...

You're welcome:
(obviously you have to wait a year, but now you know :)

enjoy this beautiful picture of my favorite cookies.
mostly just posted this because you can see my fake eyelashes and i was really proud that i glued them on FIRST TRY. 

Group pictures:

t'was a good night:
Royals won, I got locked in a car trunk and dropped off in a random place AND made it back (go me!), and watched white chicks lol

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