Saturday, October 3, 2015

First Friday

 I finally made it to a "First Friday"!
I've been wanting to go ever since I heard about them from a coworker.

I definitely will be going back to get more of the experience.

First tip: have a calm person drive because it will be crowded and parking spots are hard to find. 
So either get there really early, park far away, pay for parking, or something haha

Next, know where to start.
We had no idea where the galleries even were, and so we started walking towards Power and Light district and it definitely wasn't that way. Then we started walking East from our location and got to the very edge. Basically, start on 18th street around Baltimore Ave because that's where the most action is. From there you can really choose what direction you want to go because there are galleries all over.

Also, just by walking by it, I know I want to eat at The Art of Pizza next time. It was adorable.
And the food sounds fab:
I'll find out and tell ya.

SO this was one of the first galleries we went to: Gallery Midnight.
I kinda just think the locations are super cool haha
Like I'm so confused what this would've been used for.....?
 such a lovely high quality picture, right?
Next time I'll actually bring a camera and take cool pictures. 
(I literally say that about everything...)

I don't know what it is, but I love this old run-down looking part of town.


sure, they look incredible and are fun.
but is waiting in line for an hour okay with you?
it's not for my.

There are other food trucks if you keep walking, and there are incredible restaurants everywhere so just keep that in mind. My advice though is don't waste time on these overrated food trucks (I actually didn't eat any of their food so maybe it is actually worth it...I'm too impatient though)

this picture perfectly describes how i was feeling ^^^
i was glad to get out.

 Some of the galleries have art you can buy, and some are just there I guess haha
Some I would not ever buy, some I would buy if it wasn't $6,000, and some was actually amazing

Found these guys, and they were interesting hahahahaha
they were trying to make it as rappers, and let me tell you, their lyrics were sooooo dumb!
sorry....that was mean, but truly awful.

Not going to lie, I really want to learn how to graffiti.
I wish I could make it look as amazing as some of the graffiti in KC.

 It's a little spooky to see so many buildings that are empty, or just don't have a roof like this one haha

This gallery was HUGE.

Honestly, the buildings these were in were super sketchy.

First Fridays = art museum, but in a sketchy place/haunted buildings, with modern art for sale

Like seriously though. I'm so confused what this building used to be! There were sketchy sinks and eye wash stations....?

This was 18th street. Lots of street musicians, glittery lights, and really cool galleries.

This was definitely our favorite building. 
Like, look at the VIEW
and the LIGHTS

 Cheers to a good intro, but I'm excited to go back and see even more!

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