Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"Nothing has happened"

It has been weeks, yet nothing much has changed.

Here are a couple things that happened that really aren't that important but I mean, here they are:

I feel like this would have been a much bigger deal if I still went to Westlake, because Liberty's football team sucks and loses pretty much every game. I'm pretty sure I've only attended one game where they actually won. They didn't even win their last game or any of their homecoming games.

Well anyways, this was the last game: pink out for breast cancer awareness month.

2. I babysat this adorable baby who was happy for a few hours but then started screaming her head off like 2 hours in. So that was soooo fun.

3. I finally picked up my tennis pictures. I'm pretty sure I'm the most distracted person ever because I kept forgetting to pick them up until like a month after the season ended.

4. Sav is a true bae and straightened my hair during seminary. Obviously super important and needs to be recorded in my blog because she's freaking leaving me in 2.5 months and after that I'm going to look ugly every day and work every day and my grades are going go ROCK.

4.5. Sav proves her friendship yet again with some Naked juice. Probably because my cough and runny nose are repulsive and I really need to get better......a week later though, and I'm still gross.

5. We had one of those days where we actually all loved each other and got along and were friends.
How rare.
lol. but seriously.

That's it. So boring I know.

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