Monday, July 27, 2015



My parents are the best.
Especially my mom because she drove us 5 hours to Nebraska to do this.

I was super worried they wouldn't let me since I'm not 18, but they were super chill!
(my mom would argue that it was sketchy and unprofessional haha)

I think that the sketchier it is the better.
(that's why I alway like sketchy restaurants. oh and the really expensive ones haha)

Pictures tell the best story right?
I'll keep the text short.

The bus is their "office" haha

Drove 5 hours and then had to wait 3 hours.

My brothers were so excited to be there.

Makenna thought we were going to be jumping out of a huge military plane 


That would cost way too much first of all, and it's more fun in tiny sketchy crop duster planes!

***small pics = ugly face so i make it small

free falls = gross cheeks

I had multiple people tell me that this was the happiest they have ever seen me which makes me super happy, but also sad because obviously they don't really know me or don't make me happy....

Eric, the guy I tandem-ed with, let me control the parachute for part of the descent and so I held down one side and swiveled in circles for awhile--IT WAS AWESOME

^^epic-ly walking away

Like our neon shirts? 

Yeah we do too.

(also I look super tall in this!!)

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