Saturday, August 15, 2015

the past 3 weeks...

Where has July gone?

It doesn't matter because school starts on Monday!

Here's some pictures.

Too tired to write anything really...

paint/water/shaving cream war.
obviously we were the most fun ones there.

free root beer floats on national root beer float day?
wow i'm so good at finding free food.

free pizzas from the chipotle festival?

heck yes.

also one of the workers thought kenna and i were cute apparently so he gave us these free dessert things lololol 

pretty bridge that kenna made us turn all the way around just to see again

ice creammmmmmm

woke up super early to see the lake at sunrise!
Also went boating the next day but no pics.....

lots of sleepovers/ugliness/fat-foodness because it's kenna's last week 

she really just wanted to curl my hair the last day she was in missouri

ah sad. last pic for a long time....

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