Friday, July 3, 2015

Ketchup W/ Me

You're probably expecting some kind of ketchup story that goes along with the title.
Well..sorry to disappoint.
I'm just running out of titles that mean "I haven't done anything, but I also have...."

Also why do some people use catsup and some people use ketchup???

I just looked up comparisons on it.
There's no difference really.
Use ketchup it sounds better.


Here's what's been happenin'

Lot's of late nights...early mornings...

Ice cream usually twice a day...

Seeing Makenna like every day....


Cousin's came in!

Ignore my face.

She's adorable.

Went to "Fiesta Filipina"!

Tagalog is so similar to Spanish, am I right??
(yes I usually am)

Gotta love foooooooood
I got pancit (noodles), pork (? I just know it's not dog) kabob, lumpia (egg roll), turon (banana wrapped in spring roll paper and fried, and this funky cantalope juice!!! So weird right? It was surprisingly good!

Nothing too extravagant.
Lot's of shorties hahaha
A couple white peeps (aka my mom)

My attempt at a creepy picture of their dresses.
They were doing a Spanish influenced dance because at one point I'm pretty sure Spain took over the Philippines.


this is the definition of weirdness.

here's an example of a crazy probably more expensive one.

kinda like a bunch of weird stuff thrown together.

like beans
shaved ice
ice cream
evaporated milk
other weird fruit
syrupy stuff
gel stuff

stuff i don't want to know about.....

i love trying new stuff....


not going to say how much i've spent in the last 2 weeks...

this ain't even all my stuff.

Tied a knot with a cherry stem not once, but TWICE

I guess I can now join the good kissers club now right? (;

lol just ignore that mom.

 made adorable mini donuts with Sav!!

Shakespeare in the park!

So classy right.

I actually wasn't supposed to take a picture...oopsssss
"i didn't know!"

It was FREE
And pretty okay acting!
Except I started dozing off..............

I should've read a synopsis before about King Leer.

LOTS of picturesssss

you just wait.

we've taken tons.

go like this one on insta though because it's pretty cute.

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