Thursday, July 16, 2015

YC aka swag camp // BIRTHDAY

wow i think my iq just dropped like 50 points because of the title.
Sav and I had a contest of who could say "swag" the most and I'm pretty sure I won because I can't stop saying swag and bae.

So there ya go bae.

Read on.

So guess what was happening July 13-15?

You guessed it:


This could possibly be my last sad right?


Woke up at 3:00 IN THE MORNING

Got on the bus at 4:15
Had to do a scary introduction for a speaker on the bus
(it shouldn't have been scary but I hate talking in front of peeps...weird right? i feel like i usually love attention lol)
Drove for 4 hours to Canton, Missouri
Checked into Culver-Stockton College

look at these ghetto dormssssss
they are way worse in person.

they look so much better with us in them though (;

anddddd bam.
changed into a different outfit.
lol no idea.

green team power

Carthage Jail.


I met TWO missionaries who I knew relatives of!
I knew Sis Brinley's grand-daughter and Sis Heninger's brother!

Awesome possum museum thing:
Sav and I were really bored if you can't tell.

A nice old man kept asking us history facts and when I answered one right I felt so cool.

^^^crown made from hair

jk nap time.

oops we didn't see the tape that kept you out...


DANCE that night! 
Usually don't like dances...but with no sleep we were all crazy, so it was crazy fun!

Except they freaking sang happy birthday to me.

That sucked. It was awkward. Jk I kinda liked it.



 Sav's bae obviously

And she gave me a freaking Bonafide shirt and it's so cute and I'll probably take lots of pictures in it soon

Then we went to the Nauvoo temple!

But the pictures are a little farther down because I was too lazy to drag them up here when I was arranging them haha

Had some custard though for my birthday!
If I didn't have ice cream I would have cried.

It actually wasn't open...
but we kept looking in all the windows and so let us come in early haha
PERFECT right?? Because it was my birthdayyyy

and Sav is bae because I like when people take cool pics while I'm not looking.
go you, now we are aesthetically-cool-picture friends

look how cute her custard was?
mine was chocolate with raspberries and hot fudge mmmmm

I think the candle went out...
idk because i don't want to blow up the picture because although we are naturally beautiful we also prefer to have makeup on and not wet hair hahaha

What's better than custard?

custard AND fudge

If you are in Nauvoo then you have to get the fudge right???

So obviously I did.

Some kind of peanut butter one AND two pretzels!

One with sprinkles because it was cute, and a chocolate/peanut butter one because yum

Saw this bagpipe group, and apparently my mom's friend's husband's brother is in it hahaha
he was a cutieee
and is going on a mish-ion soon

candle in my nachos because I'm classy

not going to say what Sav said while posing for this pic lol


green team is bomb.

lol at the bright orange shirts

i got a pretty red thoughhhhh

Sav's pretty pics!

stumpy legs and knee length shorts for the win.


Sav doesn't like it because the light is thru her face.

I think it looks artistic.

"bored pics"

-taken when we were bored-

It started getting weird from here on out haha

it started out with paying me to do weird stuff....

"let's have a competition. who can keep a rock in their mouth the longest."

I won.
2 hours babyyyy

then we created our gang: the rebels (i think...that may not have been the final name)...

then we started doing dares.
i went up to lots of random people and held their hands
also danced around a lot

got a few peeps who wanted to join in

so we started initiation.
aka the best idea ever.

Addie had to grab the frisbee from a group of people playing ultimate and then throw it as far away as she could in the opposite direction <--- frikin hilarious

Britt chased after bikers and jumped in front of them

Alma sat in the middle of a couple talking really closely

Jamie yelled at the snow cone lady and rolled away on the ground

Hayden grabbed the old bus drivers hand <----one of the best

It was soooooo funnnyyyy

Then we had so many people that we challenged a hot group of guys to tug-of-war and WON
We were undefeated by the end.

Then there was like line dancing and swing dancing in the park and we totally joined in and got lots of cute guys wearing BYU shirts to join in. If you were one of those guys, you should text me (;

Gang sign babyyyy
Lot's of our pics had this sign.

Also Ben is officially a bae too.

Nauvoo Pageant!

Mormon celebrity Elder Holland was there too!

do you like my birthday cake?

cute picture.
thanks @addie and @sav for their awesome skillssss

good night baes.



i luv this pic too.

it was really hot and so we all sweat A LOT
especially with our backpacks on. 
we got sweat lines where the straps were lolol
so i casually blow dried myself off

Bus ride was interesting hahaha
don't even know how to explain these pics....
i just want to say that they aren't gay as far as i know and that i have no idea how these guys are morbidly obese.

i don't know how we aren't either....

so apparently they had these cookies that they were supposed to share(!) but didn't and i finally found them and they hadn't eaten like any of them so i helped them eat them.


4 hours later and we are back in KC

Best YC ever.
And pretty good birthday too.

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