Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July!

These pictures are pretty cute, am-I-right?? Yeah I am. I know. 

Kenna and I are kinda obsessed with taking adorableeee pictures, and we are pretty much pros now. 
These were actually taken on...the 3rd of July...oops. On the ACTUALLY day I was working 3-9. But wait! They let me leave at 7 though, so that was amazing! Especially because my family was going to a party at 7! So I changed really fast and met them there. Actually beat them there but that's not important. 

There was lots of food so that was great! Lololol I only care about food....

I talked with a lot of the girls there, but I only really like talking to one of them. The next day she told me she was so proud of me because I "pretended to be amused and happy all night even though all the other girls kept making the stupidest comments ever!!!" 

After talking for like an hour I obviously couldn't handle it anymore so I went to play some games. 
I had fun playing with all the little kids. We played some ultimate frisbee and kickball, little kids make me laugh so much! Kaelin and I had fun enjoying the kids, but then the fireworks started and he ditched me for his girl so that was super fun. I only stayed like 30 min after that and then left. But his house was on a hill, so as I was leaving I could see TONS of fireworks all around me! That is one great thing about Missouri--it's so humid and wet that there aren't many fireworks that are illegal! In Utah, it was so dry that most fireworks were illegal because one accident and the whole city would catch on fire! (Not even exaggerating. There were multiple HUGE fires.)

HOWEVER, I did get a fireworks kiss hahaha
There was an adorable kid (he was like 3...) who kept coming up to me and complimenting me or asking to hold my hand, and finally he came up to me, grabbed my face, and kissed my cheek! I wish I had a picture, he was so cute!!

After I left I went to Sav's and just chilled.

I didn't catch on fire and my house didn't catch on fire.

 It was pretty great.

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