Sunday, May 29, 2016

Today I Flew a Plane

When I showed up originally, we couldn't go flying because it was so windy! Fortunately the next day it was perfectly still and had clear skies. I found a pilot to take me up through a program called Young Eagles. You essentially can learn how to check a plane before you fly and then go up for a free ride if you are I had to take advantage of it before I got old.

This plane is a 2 seater and is essentially a "sport plane". As in it has very touchy steering and is a little harder to control. He let me control it though and I didn't crash so that was very good! We flew all the way to Independence and back. Take off was simple since it naturally starts raising off the ground at just 40 mph; landing is much harder though. Since it is so light, you have to slow it down a lot and drop altitude quickly. When we tried to land we kept hitting air pockets and didn't want to miss the runway so we had to circle around and try again. It wasn't that rough of a landing--compared to commercialized planes. I'd totally take my kids to fly though (when I have them lol...and am married...and out of college...)

Don't worry, I know that my choice of fashion is spectacular.

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