Saturday, November 7, 2015

Life's Good

I'm just happy.
You know those weeks where everything is just funny and amusing?


This is one of those weeks (but it's actually been like 2 weeks...oops)

Why is this funny? 
Because my school is GHETTTTOOOOO and I have to stick pens in the handle to keep it from swinging open mid-pee 

Free Sporting KC game?
Yessss. Cole you are the best. 
(actually your dad is because he sang the national anthem and got the tickets)

We didn't even get a group sad...
I need the pictures because my memory is so bad.
Jk I just use it to memorize billions of song lyrics.
And random street names so I can tell people terribly accurate instructions even though they themselves don't know the street names.

Took this while I was supposed to be in seminary.
I have no idea why.
I just know it was because I was sending it to Kenna I think, to show how short my hair is.
(not short. it was just super long before. i cut off 6-8 inches.)

Bought matching stuff with Sav lololol
Christmas underwear?
On sale?

And cute bras.
And freaking cute "KALE" sweatshirt that I've wanted for months!

Don't worry Kenna.
I sent you a pair too hahahaha

Guess what?


50 cent cones.

Nothing says diabetes and obesity like an ice cream cone a day.....

Benny is obviously really good at helping me eat healthy!
They were horribly delicious in case you wanted to know.

We were supposed to make a pie but then realized it's cheaper to buy one....
Also the sparkling grape juice was one sale...
(aka 95 cents cheaper)

we are equivalent to:
who don't give a crap what people think
and act really immature
but are mature
...and expect everyone else to act mature...
because deep down we are actually mature

Senoritis is actually a thing.
Prime example:

Favor skipping school to sit in the library with me and paint a pumpkin hahaha

If you match, you must take a picture.
Sorry Sav.
Sorry I wouldn't get out of bed.
Or make a cute face.

But I mean, we got these really cute pics instead!

Got chocolate ice cream on National Chocolate Day w/ this Culver's babe.

Here's proof that we learn nothing in seminary mom:

the guys get bored often and find the easiest way to stay entertained is do weird stuff to us.

gas was so cheap....
It's gone up 25 cents now.

50th time getting 50 cent cones?

I'm honestly really proud of my funny pun.
I've told so many people at school about it.
I'm so funny.

Friends are the best.
Cole, you are the best.
Thanks for the cake.

Finally sent in my application!!!
Not telling where I applied to in case I don't get it.
oh oops it says on there. 

Food break at HyVee!
First time I've gone in since I quit lol
They offered me my job back HAHAHA
So I guess that's where I'll be working.

NHS anyone?
aka the most boring induction ever...???

swag swag swag 227

(quote cred to banishkin)

yes i'm constantly asked to model.

yes my belt is hecka big and annoying and ruined the pic.

My new reason to do everything(mostly just to get out of stuff) is:

"I'm a senior"

Hence the movie nights on school nights, ice cream every day, and sweats everyday.

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