Saturday, November 7, 2015

First Friday (novemberrrrrr)

First Fridays, round twooooo

I love going with different people every time because everyone likes different things.
Also because you find new stuff every time!

This time we discovered Christopher Elbows chocolates:

The most beautiful chocolates. 
However, the taste might be a little too artisan for me haha
(for lack of nice word that means weird/disgusting)

I guess I don't like eating lavender for fun. Or weird passionfruit/chocolate/caramel stuff.

The store is incredible though!
I'm definitely going back and buying normal stuff lol
And First Friday deal is 1 for a $1 which is still expensive but better than their usual. Yikes.

I love all the different kinds of art!

so hot

I really want to find all these pianos, I love them so much!

And I mean I love those winners.
lol definitely a fair weather fan, but I mean I'm a sore loser and sore winner so it makes sense.

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