Thursday, November 26, 2015


I hate how much the world has destroyed the good in every holiday.

Christmas isn't about Christ anymore.

4th of July is about fireworks instead of freedom.

Thanksgiving is overshadowed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Why has everything become so commercialized and vain??

I could complain forever and rant forever but wouldn't that also ruin that fact that today is Thanksgiving?

usually I would just rant your ears off, but today I really do want to express my gratitude.

To the person I am most thankful for:
Jesus, our oldest brother.
Who gave up his life for us all to live with God again. 

To my parents:
who put up with my sassiness
who love me
who let me get my way a lot of the time
who support me in most of my crazy ideas
who provide me with a high quality life 
who remind me daily to take a step down off my pedestal
(that probably includes my brothers too)
made me play piano
let me do dance/gymnastics for so long

To my brothers:
who also put up with most of the stuff my parents do
who every once in a while actually care
who have prevented me from becoming an entitled only child

To Kenna:
who does not judge me ever
who has bought me tons of food
who has always provided me with ice cream
who rarely ever is dramatic
who pushes me when I'm too scared to make decisions
who was my only friend for awhile
who went along with a lot of my crazy ideas
who was my taxi for a solid 8 months
who used to text me more than most people
who is too nice 
but also rants to me about people haha
who shares my love for binging sugary foods
who has made me drink soda again
who got me to start spending money
who is totally okay with looking ugly with me
who jams out in the car with me
who sets me up on fun dates
who is like a sister to me

To Sav:
who helps me remain calm in situations
who helps me gain sanity and be more rational
who got me into 21 pilots
who keeps me on the right path haha
who was also my taxi driver for awhile
who goes with me to BK to get our daily 50 cent cones
who goes on super fun double dates with me
who has become closer than ever in the last few months
who is super thoughtful and knows exactly what people like
who takes tons of pictures with me
who keeps me from spending all my money
who listens to all my rants
who is the best peace keeper ever
who talks politics with me
who enjoys not washing her hair with me
who is going to get married faster than Makenna which is crazy because Kenna is getting married like this summer....

To Benny:
who has been my longest friend in KC
who has dealt with more crap from me than anyone
who never ceases to make me smile
who understands me better than most people
who makes me feel like I'm worth a billion dollars
who spoils me too much
who helps me study
who deals with way too many of my rants
who has shown me so many new movies I haven't seen
who forgives quickly and rarely angers
who loves hanging out with my family
who goes along with lots of my crazy ideas as well
who has can keep conversations going on forever
who has loved me through all the ups and downs

To Cole:
who has also received his fair share of rants
who is one of the best guy friends I've had
who enjoys cooking junk food and trading with me and Sav
who always blows me off but I get over it fast (no I'm not still mad. of course I am though)
who encourages me to go to choir and mission prep
who knows how to push my buttons better than anyone else
who lets me come over and watch movies on his foof
who got me into Blacklist and the 100

To my table boyz (Josh, Silas, Daniel, and Ethan):
thanks for making me become more thick skinned and not getting offended as much....?

To Sis Haas and Sis Barnes:
who are the best church leaders I could ever ask for
who were definitely put in their positions to help me
who are so supportive and thoughtful
who always are willing to listen to me
who I can always count on

I'm so thankful for this screwed up world.

The politics are frightening, the world conflicts are boiling over, and corruption is everywhere. Yet I have been blessed with my freedom, freedom of religion, an education, a nice big house, lots of motivation, and lots of motivating teachers, friends, parents, and leaders.

I'm thankful for my crappy school.

The ceiling leaks in places, 15% of the bathroom doors don't close, and it's been expanded 6 times. Yet I have learned something from it. Even in the crappiest taught classes I've learned patience. 

In Westlake I was thankful for:
Coach Stowell and Coach Kipp for showing me that I really can do amazing things! For not only allowing me to be on our top dance team, but in all the dances and in the front for a lot of them. Who knew how far I could be pushed and pushed me that much. Who loved what they taught and loved all us girls who also love to dance.

Mr. Wierderhold who tried so hard to get me out of my comfort zone. Who got me to think deeply about To Kill a Mockingbird (now one of my favorite books). Who still gave me an A in his class even though I chose to basically run away from my problems and not give two mandatory presentations in front of class. 

Mrs. Hinkley who couldn't get me into Biology, but was the sweetest most caring teacher ever.

Mr. Burdett who favored the three girls in his class the most: me, Gabby, and McElle. Who taught my favorite class and really got me into woodworking. 

In 10th grade I was thankful for:
Mrs. Morris who taught one of my favorite subjects: art.

Mrs. Miller who got me into photoshop. Best program there is.

11th grade:
Mrs. Kurtz who is the most intelligent person I've met in my whole life. Not just school-wise (Oxford), but so mature, and composed, and wise! I was so motivated in her class and tried so hard to get a stellar grade. I studied so hard. My vocabulary grew exponentially, my study skills....well I actually obtained some, and my love for the arts and literature--specifically Shakespeare has been reinforced. I loved her attitude towards school. She knew that she had so much to offer but she never once tried to force it on us. She tried to teach us that we must put effort into our learning and schooling. It was heartbreaking to see half my class choose to blow off the class because she didn't force them to be engaged. However, the other half, really learned. It was the most draining class ever, but the conversations we had were so insightful and deep that they affected me on a much deeper level than I think she intended.

Mrs. Leddy who I learned SO much about government from his class. Unfortunately I think it has depressed me and caused me to increase my cynicism toward America, career politicians, and the "government". Although many of my classmates disliked him, I really appreciated his love for teaching. How can they not see how rare that is?! A teacher who loves to teach! Who tries his hardest! Who tries to help students all he can! He gave up so much of his time to help us and yet he was rarely recognized. He hand wrote me a note when I gave him chocolate for Christmas and still remembers my name and that makes me respect him more than anything.

Mrs. Morris who expanded my love for Adobe programs. Illustrator is the shizzz. I learned so much more about the power the programs hold. If only they were cheaper. Darn you Adobe for allowing us to use your programs. Enslaving us to your glory because we are already proficient in your features and can't handle downgrading ourselves to a free design program! I love how much you loved my designs--very biased, but it helped my confidence. I desperately want to take graphic design classes but am terrified to major in it because BYU's program is so intense and hard to get into.

12th grade:
Mr. Fairchild, another spectacular teacher. I swear he's a teenage boy at heart. He loves trying to push my buttons and make fun of my stupid mistakes, but I know that's only because I'm his favorite student in that class *hair flip* (okay okay, he likes Cole and I both). His intellectual is also astounding, AND he actually uses it to teach effectively! (much more rare than you would suppose) I have discovered my love for Physics. I really am good at it and work harder than anyone in the class to be the best. They only class I do my homework for immediately, and understand. Ugh physics. You are ruining my life plans. Now I don't know what to major in....

Mr. Fulkerson, my AP Psychology teacher. Initially I wanted to drop your class, but now it is also one of my favorites! Everything we learn is so interesting. Even though I have a freaking 92 percent--my lowest grade--I'm grateful that I am actually learning something. I am motivated to go to school because I love learning and it's hard when I am not learning in 50% of my classes. Thank you for being one of those teachers who actually teach!

I'm so thankful for airlines. Particularly Southwest because of the cheap tickets and the few flights via my dad's frequent flier miles.

I'm trying to think of the things I'm most thankful for:

people--friends, family
food (junk food)
differing climates
super cute perfect mormon bloggers whom I stalk
Daisy (my adorable shetland sheepdog)
but also UT
and NYC
and Cali
the gospel
yes that sounds awful, but money lets me experience the world, learn, experiment
thrifty parents
a car I can drive
a good memory
a laptop

The list goes on and on.
I am so grateful for everything.

Even my trials. 
It takes a few days or weeks sometimes to recognize it, but they are there for a reason and they help you learn and gain experience. 

God has a plan for all of us.

He has given us all we have and he can take it away.

It is not just enough to be thankful--we must be thankful to God and recognize where all we possess comes from. 

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