Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lanakai Pillboxes

It's been awhile since I have actually done something which is not how I like living my life. So fortunately, my plans last weekend DIDN'T fall through! That almost seems like a miracle at this point! Anyways, we hiked the Lanakai pillboxes with Outdoor Adventures club. We were expecting a lot of people since the club is giant, but fortunately I knew pretty much everyone! There were only about 20 or us. It started out looking like a dessert. I didn't even know there were parts of Hawaii that looked like this! The way up wasn't too bad at all, but one the way down it was so steep and dry I found myself falling. A lot. I am honestly so happy my camera didn't break. I would cry. But I seriously fell so many times I was preparing myself for the worst.

I didn't take this picture but ended up with like 30 pictures of it when I got because everyone thought it was artsy and insisted they get a picture of the beer can haha!

Apparently mini shakas are a thing now. They are adorable though.

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