Monday, October 31, 2016

Valley of the Temples

I tend to post every weekend, because that's the only time I end up doing stuff.

So Halloween is Kell's last day in Hawaii which really sucks honestly, so he really wanted to do something fun on Saturday. BUT Saturday I was a hot mess stu(dying) from 8 in the morning to about 4 in the afternoon. So by the time I was done, it was too late to go to the Valley of the Temples which was the last thing he really wanted to do. So we went after church. And we know we shouldn't have done it lol but it was the last day we could do anything together.

So we went to sacrament meeting, and then changed and went straight to the bus stop. The ride was at least an hour, and we had to make a transfer, and I felt so street smart when we actually got there haha! 

I was expecting it to be a pretty quick little walk around the Buddhist temple and then just talk a little and for it not to last long, but I WAS SO WRONG. It was actually so cool and so interesting! We ended up spending a lot more time there than I had anticipated. There was a lot of really interesting stuff. 

This picture is probably really confusing. But basically people leave food and drinks for their ancestors. I don't know what culture really does that, but it's interesting haha! We saw some alcohol, full Hawaiian plates, and on one headstone thing was like a whole bag of candy dumped out! I'm not going to lie we were hungry during this whole time and came to the conclusion that if we were homeless we'd probably come and take the food. And if it were Valentines Day, you could just take some really really pretty flowers... we are awful lol!

There were a couple of these little shine things, for REALLY rich people

There were some that were so prestigious they were locked up. And there were some with like a whole house tomb thing. They were all up on the hill and most had a gate around it and were locked. Some of them we trespassed anyways, and others we just couldn't get up to.

I think there were like 20 orange cats, but none of them would come to us ):
We are like the biggest cat lovers on campus. Borderline obsessed.

I was so pumped to get to light one of these! Whenever I go to Catholic cathedrals they always have these but you are supposed to make a donation (I don't which is awful I know...), but this one you didn't! So I didn't have to feel guilty haha

This accurately describes how walking through muddy forest is. TERRIFYING. I was really trying to be brave.


**not pictured the koi fish that were absolutely terrifying because they were giant and I was so scared of falling in or dropping my phone.

**also not pictured, our initials carved into the bamboo tree in the bamboo forest...I'm pretty sad about that...because that's adorable and I didn't know that Kell had done that till we had like left...

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