Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Finally have time to post something.
Too bad there really isn't that much to post.....

Here is a bunch of pictures from the past like 3 weeks:

Yes. I'm that cool. Hanging out with freshmennnn haha love ya Addie.

The river market is actually the best thing in the world.

Kohl's is selling cool Star Wars stuff!
Unfortunately my mom wouldn't buy it for if anyone wants to.....they should.

Funny story: Addie and I were bored--yet again--so we went and bought a fish from PetsMart.
But then we really didn't know what to do with it so we went into Office Depot to visit Sav....

Asked her if she wanted to see the fish, and as she was holding it we ran out LOLOLOL

We were really nice though and came back within a few minutes haha

....unfortunately he didn't live very long....


Lovely pic of me eating pizza:
because I actually went to the Stake Youth Committee meeting

Went on an adventure with Kenna's mom!
lol wow I am actually like really weird
(in case you didn't already know)

We went shopping for a few hours and then wrote notes to her and sent a package to her.

And the weirdness continues.....
Wow. How do I have self esteem.

Oh look!
I'm actually crazy!
And I sent these pictures to many other people because I obviously don't even care anymore.

It was for a school project if that makes it any better.....
And I got an A- so it actually wasn't even worth it.

We had a really long weekend for some reason, so Sav and I decided that it'd be a really good idea to pull an all-nighter. It was a fail because I fell asleep at 1:30 which isn't even late at all!!!!
I know I'm lame.
It was probably because we were watching really boring documentaries...

BUT there was super cool lightning that night and I got out the camera to take really cool pictures....
buttttt I couldn't figure out how to change the exposure and everything and it was about to die so I only got these blurry pics.....

It was constant lightning for hours and it wasn't rainy or loud or anything!
Just tonsssss of lightning.

Sav is so nice. She bought me a Lemon Berry Cream Slush.
She is bae.

Had Senior Night!!!!!


but really you can tell from the immature photos I've posted above ^^^

I won my match that night so that was great.
They were a really easy team though...they never even scored a point against me....awk.

Look how many seniors there are!
So many.

Went to the stake dance.
I don't know if I honestly was having a good time or it I just keep telling that to myself so I'm starting to believe it....

Stake dances are like the biggest self confidence destroyers.
I never get asked and whenever I ask anyone it's because I feel bad for someone.
I spent the majority of slow songs singing to people and doing weird stuff because it's already been established that no one asks me lol.

I literally lost my voice singing to people. I'm THAT cool.
I also sat on the floor during on of the slow songs.
I'm also the weird one who convinces Sav to get on the stage with me and interpretive dance because boys are dumb and don't ask us to dance...? Right after the song ended the stake leaders got mad and closed the stage curtain. What kill joys. Seriously though, what the heck am I supposed to do when everyone gets asked but me?! This literally happens every dance. It doesn't matter if I look super pretty, or if I'm flirty, or if I stand by myself. 

Lol good thing I enjoy being weird.

Here's my video of part of our dance. Watch it.

I know we are fab.

*blows kisses to you*

(nice ariel though right? lol i was genuinely surprised that i didn't die)

(small because we(i) is ugly)

And after we went to Sonic so that was fun.

Story time: We had a lesson in Young Women's about keeping the sabbath day holy. They had an object lesson with ice cream to represent a Sunday (sundae, get it?). So they brought lots of other good condiments but that don't go on a sundae. As they were talking about other good things that aren't appropriate for Sunday's, they poured ketchup, mustard, mayo, hot sauce, etc on it. I guess I'm super emotional and stressed out right now because I started crying. Like tears falling down my cheeks, ugly crying because my relationship with ice cream is just THAT strong hahahaha.

My leaders were cracking up and they let me eat a real ice cream sundae after that lol

I'm seriously so screwed up right now though.
I don't even know what the heck is happening.
I'm tired all the time so I just keep sleeping all the time and not getting anything done.

It's okay though because Sav has a bucket list and I want to accomplish all those goals too lol
Also she's leaving in like 3.5 months (this is like Kenna all over again), so we need to party it up.

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  1. love it! i think it's always worth it to document the little things. :)
    enjoy this fun time!!