Sunday, September 27, 2015


a kind man who knows my parents gave me these skittles. how kind. they were nasty though. also no one ever remembers my name so they just call me "parco"

daily reminder of how ugly i am.

This band was composed of 11-15 year olds!
AND they were actually really good!
S'cute. S'cute.

Is candy a waste of money? Yes.

did i get asked to hc?

lolololololol nah

but who says i can't have my own photoshoot???

society definitely does

but who doesn't care and has some bad word i want to say to society??


so screw all you judgers, i'm going to enjoy my last homecoming

I felt like this was a weird bridal shoot or something because the last pics were taken at the temple *gasp*
I know. Freaking weird. But the flowers there are gorgeous.

casually having a dance party in the jungle.

jk. it's my backyard. 
i spy a trampoline.....

weren't those flowers so pretty?!
i know right.

also my dress is dope + it was only $1!!!!!!!

After my bitterness wore off I went back to the fall fest but I wasn't alone anymore yayyyy

funnel cakes are a must of carnivals right?

If you want to be our friend you have to wear white converse
hahaha jk, we just all happened to be wearing converse....typical girls or what.

Also be prepared for an overload of cuteness.
We took some adorable picsss

While we were taking this picture, someone else was on one of the rides and took a picture of us hahaha

There was a live band playing 80's music, and since we didn't go to the homecoming dance we decided to have our own dance party there! It was a party haha there was a group of guys who watched us but only 2 of them came and danced with us which is lame because we wanted to get a ton of people to dance with us!

apparently there was no water to wash your hands...?
hence this ugly picture.

also s/o to my grandma for knitting me this bag haha

reminder of how dumb we look taking pics of everything lololol

***hey kenna, see anymore spelling/grammar mistakes??

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