Thursday, August 27, 2015


So tennis and school started.
Now I'm busier than ever.

I thought I'd take some fun classes my senior year:
work release
AP Calc BC
AP Physics
AP Psych
AP Language

I promise they are actually really fun! 
(must be an asian thing....)

But holy heck I'm so busy now.

Yesterday I talked to my manager about only working 2 days a week because I'm in the middle of tennis season and I've already missed so much. So she was like "yep sounds good I'm writing the schedule tonight!" 

No. Apparently not good.

I'm scheduled to work FOUR days next week.

I'm also in school, I don't even want to work this many days when I'm not in season!


basically I'm going to seminary then school then work and then sleeping everyday.

luckily work has been good though...
we have found fun ways to not be bored.

yesterday we made fried cookie dough which was fun, and we started trading food with other departments so now I'm going to gain 50000 pounds because 
1) chinese food is bae 2) smoothies are bomb

you know that college class I'm taking??
I submitted the first assignment and got an A-!!!!!!
I'm so proud.
Not going to lie.
Because it isn't a English 100 class. Like it's an actually challenging class that college juniors and seniors are taking who have been on missions and gone through institute and all the other religion classes, and I'm barely 17!

So yayyyy
that's great.

I literally don't even know what to write, I'm just bored and don't want it to seem like I don't have a life, because I mean I kinda do.

so someone hit my car yesterday
that's exciting.

I got called down to the office and was super confused until this girl who is in a lot of my classes came up to me crying and freaking out because she scraped the whole side of my white car with my red car......

I'm honestly not that worried. They offered to pay, it's just a car, life will go on.

I was the black Audi/Mercedes sedan that I will drive in the future...then I'd be freaking out.

But I mean life is great.
I'm happy.
A little sad that I'm not in college...
...but a little happy because I don't have to be poor for another year, I can spend time with friends before they go on their missions, and I can party it up in KC for another little bit.

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