Thursday, January 8, 2015

More Thrift Shopping??

How can a school break be fun without thrift shopping?? Oh wait. I've already gone thrift shopping this break...oh well. No harm in going again! 
Makenna and I went to several thrift stores near us and picked up a restored 1940's movie called "Beyond Tomorrow". It was kind of a joke and an impulsive purchase, but I'm interested to see how it turns out! Expect a post about this movie in the future. I bought a pair of old worn out duck boots originally from Bass Pro Shops because all of the L.L. Bean boots are sold out, and because I still can't decide if I like the Sperry boots...I like the J Crew/Sperry duck boots, but I've also heard negative things about them. I figured why not just buy the thrifted ones! They were only $7 and looked like they had gone on many adventures....which makes me look cool even though I've never taken them on an adventure.... Lastly, I found a gorgeous long maroon strapless evening dress. It is too big, but I wanted to add long lace sleeves to it anyways so I'll just have that fixed at the same time. I actually already have my prom dress...I bought it last June haha! Kinda random, but it was actually a really good price because it was right after Prom season! This new maroon dress I plan on wearing to a church sponsored ball in April. The theme is "Old Paris" or something. Even though it's spring I think that maybe the maroon will look okay..? I was originally going to buy a light pink dress but for $8, I thought maroon would be cool as well! 

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