Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Suprises

We received a surprise yesterday! Four to six inches of fresh snow. No one was expecting snow for at least a couple days, so it was quite a shock to look out the windows and only see white. Where I live, everyone is a little too dramatic when it comes to snow. Four inches and school is cancelled. It wouldn’t be bad except that this week is the dreadful “Final’s Week”, and that I am not a Senior; therefore, I have to make up every day we skip because of snow days. So here I am today, sitting in my last classroom of the day, praying that time will fly by and that winter break will start! It may sound like I’m complaining (which I kinda am, but I pretty much complain all the time anyways…sorry!), but I actually had an amazing day that made it feel like Christmas time. Besides the simple things of getting to do my nails, decorating my room, and getting to skip dive practice (YAY!), I built a fabulous snowman with Savannah and took some adorable Christmas pictures with Makenna. Can you tell the snow is photoshopped?? Hahahah yeah….secrets out. We couldn’t blow the snow hard enough to have it show in the pictures, and the harder we blew the worse we looked!

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