Friday, December 12, 2014

Breaking Into My Own Car

As I awoke this morning I thought today would be a beautifully perfect day. I left home a little early so that I would have time to drive to the gas station and fill up. As I was about to put the nozzle into my car I noticed that I hadn't popped the tank door. As I lifted the handle of my car door, I had a horrible realization that my doors were locked, and my keys were still inside. I called my friend who came, but then we didn't know what to do so I talked to a police officer who was parked outside the store. He said that police officers weren't allowed to break into cars to retrieve keys anymore. Being about 6 in the morning, this was terrible news, seeing that most locksmith places open around 8 at the earliest. It was freezing outside, so I decided to awkwardly leave my car at the pump and sit in the gas store till I figured out what was happening. My mom and I called a bunch of places to no avail; we didn't really want to pay for a tow truck, but my mom decided she would call to ask how much our insurance would cover. Luckily, it covered 24 hour emergency help, and they sent a locksmith to come help me. For 45 min he tried to unlock my door. I would complain but IT WAS SO FREAKING COOL. If I needed to I think I could break into a lot of different cars. ....however, newer cars (after 2007) are harder to break into hence why he couldn't unlock it for an hour. After 45 min of standing in the bitter cold shoving a metal rod through a crack between the pried open door, he decided to call his boss and ask him what he should do. I'm not ashamed, I was pretty curious to see if I could do it. And let me tell you--it is a lot harder than it looks! I felt so freaking cool trying it though. The locksmith guy came back though with a "new strategy/skill" and popped the lock in 5 min. Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention then, so that's disappointing. After 2.5 hours I was finally free! Once he popped the lock my car's alarm started blaring. I swear every button and light was flashing. I mean this wouldn't be bad except that my key fob is broken so I couldn't turn  the alarm off. My mom thought it'd be best if I drove home so we could figure out how to turn it off. Half-way home it turned off. I was SO relieved, so I went back to get gas since it showed that it was pretty much empty. As soon as I turned off my car the alarm turned on again. I was so embarrassing. I drove home and turned off the car. And...the alarm turned off too. I turned the car on and off like 3 times to make sure that it was completely done. So I went back to the gas station, got gas, and showed up at school late. It was so fun (read this in my voice, dripping with sarcasm).

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