Sunday, December 21, 2014

Treasure Hunt

Officially 2 days into Christmas break! I already know these two weeks will go by too fast. To kick it off, Makenna and I visited "The Plaza" and adored the beautiful lights that are so poorly conveyed in these pictures. A cute date would consist of window shopping and riding in one of the many carriage rides... (the one in the picture holds about five families, but there are other Cinderella-like carriages that are adorable and are for one couple).

I didn't really buy anything at the Plaza, because my clothing obsession tends to leave me broke. However, the next day we went to a local thrift store that I frequently volunteer at. As a volunteer I get to preview the clothes that come in, and about a week ago a truck load of brand name like-new condition clothes came in. I figured I should use this knowledge to my advantage and seize the opportunity. I bought four items: a plaid skirt (with crazy fringe stuff on the bottom, so I hemmed it and made it classically to my knee), a crazy white button up that I like styling with a sweater, and two rather normal patterned shirts.
I found a GORGEOUS black dress, but Makenna stole it and bought it so I plan on borrowing in the very near future (; It's 70's inspired with beaded sleeves and is probably the most dazzling thing I've found at a thrift store.

Expect lots more posts with amazing finds as I am in a thrift store kick!

So. Guess how much my four items costed? 
2 short sleeve shirts - $3
1 long sleeve - $4
1 Skirt - $5
= $14!
BUT since I volunteer so often I was given 40% off of the ridiculously cheap items, which ended up being $8! I love thrift shopping now. Find a good store and set out on your treasure hunt!

All in all, it's been a pretty good break so far. Expect lots of crazy adventures these next few weeks. 

Merry Christmas!
Love, Mikaylie

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