Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gingerbread Houses

I fall into the category of people who want to best at everything. In this case--building gingerbread houses. In a contest with me and Cole on one team and Savannah and Ryan on the other, we created these two houses:
 Which do you think is the best?
Personally I think that the one on the left is (I am completely unbiased though). I would just like to say that Cole and my house started out better. I promise it did. But then it fell...and then we just threw a bunch of random candy on top... But we should definitely get extra points for our guest house, weird tree, and melted snowman. 
Making houses really gets you in the mood for Christmas. Can you believe Christmas is in only two days?? If only we could get some snow, then it could be a white Christmas...

Merry Christmas!
Love, Mikaylie 

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