Sunday, December 11, 2016


Another week gone by. They are flying by. But also dragging on! It's such a juxtaposition, but I'm sure everyone has experienced it. It's such a happy/sad feeling! And since I'm in school, STRESSFUL. The weather here has been pretty crappy...not as bad as the mainland though haha! It's just been kinda rainy and cold (75 degrees). But there have been a couple sunny days within there to keep it bearable though. I am afraid I am losing my tan though. School is really starting to pick up which really sucks...this week is really nice weather-wise, but lots of midterms and tests before Christmas break... and with 21 credits, that means LOTS of studying and homework.

I got not one, but TWO adorable packages from my mom which was super fun! They have individually wrapped presents for each day of December, which is really exciting--especially since I'm one of those people who actually just takes it a day at a time.

My drawing class is STRESSING me out, because we have a project due on Friday and I don't know what building to draw, and I'm just bad at drawing in general..... but here are some of the projects I did in sculpture and digital tools. I really like sculpture because we learn the anatomy of the head and face, so we learn a lot of the bones and muscles, and I will actually get to use that in my future! 

I was finishing this off pretty late one night (procrastinating to the max...oops), and made a couple major mistakes. If you can point them out, extra points to you haha. Luckily, it's a beginner class, so she's a pretty easy grader.

With the food plan I'm on, we get $200 of spending money a semester which is WAY more than we need (but I mean the food is super expensive at the same time), so I tried stocking up on food for over the break. My food consisted of ice-cream, burritos, frozen pizzas, and milk haha. I'm so pumped to go to BYU and buy my own food and stuff! I eat SO much healthier and cheaper when I get to make my own food (I am going to be buying 40000 eggs. That sounds weird, but they are cheap and I really like them hahaha.)

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