Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Chinaman's Hat

Hawaii is deep within the "wet season". The past three weeks have been pretty cold, rainy, and miserable. It doesn't help that the sun still sets super early here! I was hoping we would get more daylight here, but nope! So those three weeks were so draining. I honestly just slept most of the time and couldn't function. But last Saturday, WE GOT SOME SUN. 

So I texted Scott and was like okay, we NEED to do something. And neither of us had done Chinaman's hat, and he doesn't like waterfall hikes (UGH), so it was pretty easy to decide. I had talked to David about going previously that week, and he invited Garrett, so we all met at the bus stop. We tried just using our student ID's and hoping they'd let us on, but it didn't work ugh. So we paid the $2.50--the only money I think I've spent in 2 weeks???? So it was okay. 

We got there, and quadruple zip blocked our phones all together and then I put them on top of my boogie board. I didn't know if it would be super far or not, and I didn't want to die, and we were swimming over Hammerhead shark breeding grounds, so I brought the board. But I turned out not needing it because it wasn't too far to just swim. So I ended up like pushing the board the whole way which made it a billion times harder ugh. You can walk out part way during low tide, but we were swimming during high tide, so we couldn't do it that much. But since you walk on coral, you get CUT UP. I got cut up so much--worth it though.

Once you get there, the terrain is kind of weird. There's everything. Like desert-y, beach (secret little one), palm trees, jungle, but mostly rocks.....

If you fall back, you honestly would just die.

But don't worry, WE MADE IT.

slightly out of breath #outofshape


 After, we waited for the bus for like an HOUR and it didn't show up! And by then it was starting to get cold... but all of a sudden this minivan flips a U-turn, and my chemistry professor was like "Hey guys want a ride???"

So then we didn't have to pay the bus fare back lololol

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