Monday, November 14, 2016

Semester Break


I ended with a 3.6 GPA which is pretty okay. I'm content. I had all A's and a C+ in Physics );
Oh well. My science/math GPA is still like a 3.8 so I'm fine for now...

Anyways, since we had a whole week off I wanted to do a bunch of stuff! And I mean I did, but at the same time a lot of people were gone and I was just not in the mood to do a lot of stuff so I ended up sleeping a lot and just relaxing--which was much needed.

This post is WAY BEHIND, but I mean better late than never lol



The year-round sunshine is amazing, don't get me wrong, but it's so hard to get into holidays. They just seem surreal. It isn't the same without all the leaves changing colors and the cold weather.

I decorated my dorm room door though!
And the wind blew all the spider webs off so fast lol
Andddd the decorations are still up....almost two weeks later....

caught this cutie

"caught" as in literally dropped all my stuff on the ground and crawled on the floor to catch this little guy. it was quite embarrassing actually. right after I caught it I realized how many people were watching me.....yolo

bought a new phone case!
it was like $1.40 from china and it doesn't protect my phone whatsoever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

it doesn't even feel real that it's Fall.... it did NOT feel like Halloween at all... and to think that it's already November now...?

London's family was in town for the week, so Sammy and I spent the night at their house and went out to sushi and hot tubbed. 


We woke up super early and they took us back to our dorms. Pretty sure I just went back to bed and then probably went to the beach later haha. Nothing that interesting...pretty much the usual....

Can you tell I am a desperate poor college kid when I sign up for snack boxes for the first free box and then once they ship it I unsubscribe???

They weren't even that good either.....

Face Timed Kell a lot haha. This is his cat. His cats are so fat.


Ohhhhh goodness.

This was an adventure haha!

Tuesday night we took the last bus of the night to Kahana Bay beach park and decided to campout for a bit before we hiked Crouching Lion. We got to the park at like 11 pm and decided we'd start hiking at 4. So we had a long time to chill aka sleep haha. We all laid on the beach, but holy crapppppp. THE WIND MADE IT SO COLD. 
We were originally pretty far apart but by the end we were all like spooning each other lol. It was so cold. At like 4 we ended up moving to go pee before we started hiking and we found a giant tree to lean up against, and it perfectly sheltered us from the wind...we were mad we didn't discover it earlier. At one point, Scott started whispering to us that there was a pig and Sammy and I were freaking out because we were thinking like wild hog. It turned out being a dog. Scott is BLIND hahaha.

We started hiking at 4 and accidentally chose the wrong spot to start and it was STRAIGHT UP. Haha! It was hard. We finally got to a flat part, had a short little dance party at like 5 AM, and then walked to the actual Crouching Lion part to watch the sunrise. 

I brought glowsticks and we wore them haha. That wasn't important, but it was fun.


Kell sent me this picture and I thought it was of his friends that he was hanging out with so I asked him who they were....


How do I not even recognize myself???

This was from the first night we really talked. We were at a beach dance party and it sucked (not that I really like dances or parties anyways....) but he came and talked to me as I sat on a tree by myself because I am so anti-social lol. But I mean...we ended up together so I guess it worked.


Friday morning I had "work training/retreat".

So basically like 6 different supervisors who were all over entertainment sectors at the school were getting together with all their employees to just set goals and relax and stuff. So there were supposed to be like 20 other students.....guess how many there were.



I was the only student who showed up. UGH. It ended up being okay though haha because I got paid for 5 hours of work, and we had a huge breakfast, went to the mall and did the escape room, and then went out to lunch. I probably wouldn't have done anything otherwise so I was totally okay with it, but lemme tell you. It was so awkward in the beginning!





The most adorable kitty everrrrr

Kell named it Summer and I loved it, so it stuck.

And then we found out it was a boy.

But still named Summer.

(also my eyebrows look really good in that picture...)

Lastly though, on Saturday we went to our first ever surfing competition!

I kinda didn't know what was going on, but it was super cool to watch!

After, we went to Lanakea beach to try to find sea turtles...but we didn't find any ):
But we found this little bamboo hut so I guess it was okay.

(ALSO that is not sweat. That is just from me putting on a shirt over my wet swimsuit)

andddd I saw a rainbow.


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