Tuesday, March 1, 2016


**so happy because free flowers!**

I have this thing where I get really anxious when ordering food and when people ask me if I want something. 9/10 times it will be no (unless it's my parents or Benny asking me if I want something, then it's usually yes). I never even let them finish what they say because most of the time my brain is moving too fast and I'm scared I'll have to pay for it and I'm poor so I spaz out and say no. Addie was smart though and said yes lol. I DID however get 2 free Red Bulls. 

whoooo i drank both and will probably be dead shortly

Sugar Rush was held at The Guild in the Crossroads. Basically in those super old sketchy looking buildings that are actually gorgeous inside. They all have that new trend of a mixture of urban/industrial and high-class. They are legit. 

Addie took this picture. I kinda love the chandelier, kinda hate my potato shaped lumpy face that ruined it, and kinda felt hecka awkward when she took it because the flash went off and she was like on the floor taking this picture. NO I did not ask her to take it.

There were two different aerial aerobic dancer people doing their cool stuff. Like my description? Hahahaha I was inspired. I've already looked up like 3 different places that have lessons and found a Groupon for 4 classes for only $25!!!! Obviously I'm going to do it. Stay tuned. And feel free to hit me up and we can go together.

Awkward moment we asked her to take our picture and instead she thought we wanted a picture with her....lol no sorry...oh well.

Safe to say I got sugared out, but THAT IS THE POINT RIGHT??

I love sugar.

So much.

Also, when you're downtown in the Crossroads, taking pics with the graffiti is kinda a must.

scary eyes, scary eyes

Peace out babes.

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