Friday, March 25, 2016


Kyrsten recommended this book to me and I checked it out and finished it in 2 hours.
I live for romance novels.
I read pretty fast, but I need books like this to keep me concentrated on it.
Pretty predictable, cute, cheesy, romantic, witty.
Super simple writing.
Don't have to decipher like all the books in AP Lit!
Best books in the world I swear.
They aren't the books that change your life, but they are the ones that make you enjoy reading.

The amount of adorable little romance books I've read is a ton, but I can't remember all the title of them )':

Sav recommended me a book about Christmas and letters and pretend lovers or something and it was cute, but the name has slipped my mind.

Here are some of the kinda nerdy life changing books I recommend though:
These books (minus Nancy Drew) were the series where you get all depressed inside for a few days after it ends because you felt like you REALLY really knew them and now it is over! 
...or maybe that's just me.

Nancy Drew 
Specifically the original ones.
NOT the new little kid ones or the ones where she is super flirty and not as intelligent.
These were all given to me by my grandma, along with the first 30 or so Hardy Boys books too. I was hardcore into all this spy stuff. I don't know if that influenced my choice in favorite TV shows or not (aka White Collar, Covert Affairs ((even though they discontinued it right before the FINALE)), and basically every other spy/FBI/CIA show), but I definitely read these a lot.

The movie was pretty life changing too tbh.
I bought a bag like Nancy's and I kept pretty much everything that I could possibly need in it.
And guess what? 
I never used any of ittttttt

Fablehaven series.
Always waited for the movie to come out and it never did...
I don't know if people just didn't know about them or what, because they were excellent. We found out about it because our cousin's husband illustrated all the books so we bought them to support him and they ended up being one of our favorite series!

The Work and The Glory series
90% sure my mom paid me to read these, but they are actually fabulous.
I read all 9 in a month.
They have the perfect amount of historical fiction, romance, and religion to keep me reading them. I definitely recommend to everyone (especially if you read fast, because if you are like me, sometimes it's hard to find books).


The Lightning Thief series

Wow wow wow wow 

I love this series so dang much.
Yes the movies kinda ruined it a lot, but this author is fabulous.

He also wrote the Heroes of Olympus serious which is about the Roman gods instead of the Greek, AND the Kane Chronicles which focuses on the Egyptian gods!!


I don't know if they did though.

I really need to reread all those books though. They were my childhood.


Obviously Harry Potter is on that list somewhere further down. Divergent and Hunger Games are not on it at all because I liked the movies decently but I like happy endings more. I'm sure I'll think of more books, but the ones above were definitely books I can think of.

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