Monday, August 17, 2015


School is starting soon....
So sad right?

Jk I like school.

I want to remember how awesome this summer was though, so I'm going to list everything out!

National donut day.
Going to the pool ALL the time.
Lots of work.
Passed my personal finance class with an A.
(probably going to fail my Bible as Lit one...)
Shakespeare in the park.
Quit piano basically...
Donating blood.
Roadtrip to Minnesota w/ Makenna.
Interned for Heather Hall.
Heather Hall won the election.
Kenna and Sav visiting me at work.
Virgin margaritas.
Hot tubbing.
Pulled over for running a red light.
Sav pulled over for running a stop sign.
AP test scores back....
Good ACT score!
Lots of thrift shopping.
....lots of shopping.
Chipotle Cultivate.
Parents out of town a lot. aka partiesssss. jk.
Police showing up at Makenna's house.
Lots of sleepovers with Kenna.
Brazilian wax.
Lot's of photoshoots.
Dave and Busters
Running for likeeeee 2 weeks.
Sis Haas helping me with my super hard class *crying*
4th of July.
Donating platlets.
Youth Conference.
Mini Mission.
Hot and humid days.
Lot's of drama.
Ice cream everyday.
Biking the city.
Going to Ian and Bonnie's baby blessing.
Working the Kenny Chesney concert.
Lots of Netflix.
Finished White Collar.
Finished Gossip Girl.
Started Blacklist.
Started the 100.
xoxo. lol jk....
Dylan's birthday.
Dylan's baptism.
Mini fam reunion.
Tennis practice started.
Explored South KC.
Lots of ice cream.
Went to the lake at 5:30 in the morning.
Went boating.
Lots of ugly pictures.
Makenna does my hair a lot.
Stake activity.
Kenna left *CRYING*
Facetime Kenna like every day.
Conflicts in schedule.
Link Crew....

Pretty fun if I do say so myself.
I know I missed a ton of stuff, but oh well.

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