Sunday, March 5, 2017


Oh hey.

Is it June and you are just now writing about this from four months ago?


No judging. Don't worry it will be scheduled so it looks like I posted it on time.

(who knows if it will be in the right order....ILL TRY MY BEST THOUGH)

Lol jk don't have to try my best, because I just called Kell and he walked through it all with me because he has a much better memory than me when it comes to chronological order (I still have the memory for details though).

First of all the flight was SKETCH.

As in, getting to the airport in Hawaii (no friends with cars, tons of luggage, far away, can't take a bus HELP), and then getting through the HUGE American Airlines line with tons of asians who had no clue what they were supposed to do because there were no explanations for anything!! Like I didn't know I had to get a special tag to make sure there was no produce to I had to get out of line. Luckily, the people behind me were super nice, but like I'm even English speaking and I had no clue! 

Then it was a red eye flight and guess how much sleep I got. 



I left at like 11pm Hawaii time and then got there 8 am Arizona time (is that right??? idk)

When I first arrived, my phone more. So we basically had to find each other without any messaging or calls--CRAZY RIGHT, what is this, 2002????

Anyways, he showed up 2 hours early "just incase" (he must love me right?) and we found each other really easily.


seeing him for the first time was the weirdest thing i've ever experienced in my life. 

you know how people find each other online and don't even really facetime or call, just text? yeah well we had met in person and hung out for three months and then facetimed for 4 months, and it was still the biggest shock ever. it was like we didn't know each other. most awkward hug EVER. he was WAY taller than i remembered, and he thought i was way shorter than in Hawaii, and there was like a sliver of worry because i didn't know if i should go home with this STRANGER

Well I did, and we clicked really fast again and it all worked out lol.

But was so weird. Like I can't even stress how much!!!!!

well the first thing we did was go to the zoo

and guess what.

it was COLD


Arizona is like never cold right?????

Well it was, and I had no warm clothes since I had just come from Hawaii....

Despite the cold (and HAIL) we had a great time!

Had a first kiss all over again (it sucked, sorry my bad lol)

And Kell got to share all his knowledge about cacti with me--he's a keeper for sure lol (he really does know like way too much though....all I remember was the jumping cacti and how if you throw rocks at it it will like swing and break off and could hit you. DOPE RIGHT. let's all move to AZ)

Then we hiked up to....idk what it's called.

Hole in the rock????????

Seems legit.

I mean it's a hole that shows all of Phoenix.

It wasn't as much of a hike as a short walk with a steep incline at the end ahaha, but it was fun to do something outdoorsy! And holy heck, AZ is so dry. Like so insanely dry. Drier than Utah. 

I mean I'm not like super surprised, but it was also kinda strange coming from Hawaii and from Missouri.

After, I made a whole LIST of places that I was craving super super bad from not being able to go to them in Hawaii:

Olive Garden
Cafe Rio AND Chipotle (because they are both very different and both good and don't you dare compare them or their atmosphere's or say you don't like one or the other because I will get very defensive and go OFF on you. btw get the sweet pork quesadillas at Cafe Rio and Sofritas (tofu) at Chipotle ALWAYS with guac, you will thank me later)

Well since I had sent this list to Kell before hand, we decided to hit a couple of these places when I got back to the mainland. We started at Chick-fil-a (so so sorry Chris ((Kell's mom)), I know you had prepared dinner but I hadn't eaten since like 5 pm in Hawaii the previous day). And let me tell you.....CHICK-FIL-A, WHY DO YOU NOT SERVE THE BISCUIT CHICKEN SANDWICH ALL DAY. 

Ugh so frustrating.

I promise I don't go out to eat all the time.

There's just a few places I'm just so passionate about.

And Chick-fil-a seriously needs to step up their game and serve the biscuit chicken sandwiches all day. Like seriously. If you go for breakfast, get that with Polynesian sauce to dip it in. Like I said, you'll thank me later. And always get the waffle fries with Chick-fil-a sauce. I think my love for their waffle fries stemmed from my gymnastics days where we would occasionally stop and get fries on the way back from's the little things you guys. 

(seriously don't try to convince me that any other place has better fries, I'll fight you)

ANYWAYS, after, we finally went back to his house and he showed me around. The room I stayed in was decorated so cute, with the cutest camel sheets ever! His mom is like me hahahah aka obsessed with the Target dollar section with all the party and decoration stuff (swoon i love you target), and TJ Maxx haha. Seriously I can't tell you how much I loved those sheets........

I got to meet his mom and sister and we had dinner together, and then we played games which was super fun! We ended up going over to his grandparents too so I could meet them. 

Truthfully I'm pretty sure we were all being pretty fake haha. I want to go back again because we were all kind of nervous and acting too polite. Kell didn't even finish his food he was so nervous. And I ate hardly any--which if you know me, I eat a LOT. Anyways, it was a pretty typical first meeting where it went well, but we all were super reserved hahahaha.

When we got back, we started watching a TV show that we had been watching together. I had started Breaking Bad because it was his favorite, and I watched all like 6 seasons in 2 months while in Hawaii....... It's basically about a guy who has cancer so starts cooking meth to leave his family money hahahaha. It's actually so genius and I really did like it. 

The next day, we headed out to SEDONA.

I had like no expectations what-so-ever, but let me tell is so worth it.

So pretty.


I had been looking up tons of stuff to do in AZ because I was way excited and found a hike called Devil's Bridge. So we left at like 7 AM, got some McDonald's (thank you Kell for introducing me to McGriddles....), and freaking SPED to Sedona. Like geez Kell, how do you not have any speeding tickets??? Like seriously.....

Anyways, here are some pics.

Also no I didn't ask him to take a million pictures of me.

I was just tired of holding the my camera haha

Just proves that he's a great IG boyfriend am-i-right


so my computer deleted everything past this point

so all those hours i spent on my day off writing this?



well i mean i'm writing this to remember though, so i gotta try my best! so here's me rewrite. 

round two

just letting you know incase it gets really crappy from this point on.

So this was the real reason we first came up here: Devil's Bridge.

I found it while googling cool things to do in Arizona haha

A lady actually died from falling off a few years ago which was kind of scary, but I also like knowing that we are a little in danger--it makes things more fun.

(also sorry for looking so awkward and formal???? yeah don't worry i'll be back in a few years--just to get a new picture.)

One the way back, we stopped at Montezuma's Castle. We had both studied Art History, and American ruins were covered in some of our lessons which was pretty cool. I really want to see the Snake Mounds in Ohio and the Geoglyphs in Peru too!!

cool or creepy????? yeah still trying to decide too

On the way home we got stuck in the WORST traffic. UGh. Thank goodness Kell was driving because I do not do well in traffic. Especially once I find the reason that there was traffic (it is like 78% of the time for a completely stupid reason)

It didn't help that we were pretty hungry from not eating since like 8 that morning haha. So we stopped at Cane's. For the past 4 months if Kell was with friends, it was usually totally predictable. It was with Tanner, Tucker, Keaton, or Rylee & Kamryn. And it would be at a movie, Cane's, or Sodalicious lol (it's still kinda like that....)

So after all this hype, we kinda had to go right??

Cane's is like the In-N-Out of chicken.

It's super super simple, but like pretty good, and super trendy for no apparent reason lol

But it was good! I didn't initially love the "secret" Cane's sauce, but I went a second time and I liked it way better then.

Also Kell and I thought it was only an Arizona thing, but then I saw one in Missouri! Haha and turns out it was invented in Georgia or something!

When we got home, I think we talked to Kell's mom for a little bit. We were mostly just tired though, and knew we'd have to get up early the next day, so we went to sleep pretty early.

The next morning we got up at 4 AM and drove SIX HOURS. Ugh ugh ugh.

Worth it though, because.....



I seriously haven't been in so long, so it was nice to make some new memories there with Kell!

We rode a lot of the rides a few times, we were lucky enough to have lines only 20 min long on a few rides (!!!), had yummy food while watching the Star Wars show, and got that cute picture! 

((not pictured, Kell mad at me for making him leave the 4 HOUR Space Mountain line for that pictures, me complaining in every line that was over 30 min, or me also stating that I will never ever bring my kids here unless I rent out the whole park for myself lol))

We really did have an amazing time though!

The ride back??

lol not so much

I could not keep my eyes open.

I felt so bad...honestly it's amazing we are both still alive haha. I didn't think Kell would be able to make it. Next time I definitely want to stay a couple of nights and explore downtown L.A. and then camp in Joshua Tree forest another night.

At one point we pulled over and took a 45 minute power nap, and I legit had 3 nightmares about different semi truck drivers dying because we made a wrong turn, or them killing us/banging on our car window, etc idk. But when we woke up, there were like 4 semi trucks all around us!! So I was like way freaked out at that point and woke up Kell and he was kinda freaked out too so we left haha.

And guess what, we made it back safe!

Yay! Got back at like 4:24 AM and fell asleep immediately.

Never have I ever slept better.
.....until Kell woke me up at SEVEN IN THE MORNING.

(with some "i can't sleep crap")

How were we functioning with so little sleep? idk.

Anyways, we got all ready for the day and then went to see La La Land at 8 haha. Stellar movie, highly suggest. My mom doesn't like it, but you know what, you watch it and tell me what you think.

Then we walked around the mall for a bit---FOUND A PUPPY PLACE--and then went to Olive Garden for lunch.

(ugh that makes me so hungry thinking about it)

After, we came home. Both of us were pretty tired (no thanks to you Kell), so we watched the finale of Breaking Bad and then talked with his mom for a few hours.

After, we met up with some of his friends and went to Top Golf.

(Tanner, Leighton, Tucker, Keaton, Kell,'re welcome mom)

I definitely made a fool of myself

No big deal lol

After we went to Sodalicious (of course), and met up with some more friends.

I'm totally sold on this soda shop thing now. 10/10 man. I got a Dr. Pepper with coconut, lime, and raspberry puree and lemme tell ya, that was the best thing I've ever drank. I want more. Seriously. I downed that 64 oz SO FAST. And then I had to pee every 20 min for the next 3 hours.

After, we went back to a house and played a really fun game. Can't remember the name, but it was fun lol!

We stayed up pretty late again. I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead. Ugh.

The next morning we went to the Gilbert Temple and did baptisms for the dead (learn more about that here. I promise it isn't that weird).

Then we went to Jack-in-the-box....

And then I got on the plane....


If you want to read the sequel where Kell comes to Kansas City, click here!


  1. haha when I was in Utah we went to Cafe Rio and I got the sweet pork quesadilla! It was sooo good!!

  2. i know right???? ugh i miss some of utah's food so much.