Thursday, January 12, 2017

Koloa Gulch

 Finally convinced people to go on this hike with me! Well actually I kind of tricked them... this waterfall is probably the most well kept secret on the North Shore. OR maybe it's because no one wants to go on it because it's long (6 hours), but also exhausting. The beginning is pretty steep (I got winded real fast haha), but then you have 2.5 hours of crossing the stream--FORTY TIMES. That is the killer. The rocks are pretty slippery, we all ended up on our butts a couple times at least. It is impossible not to fall in. Fortunately I didn't bring my nice camera, because it probably would have gotten beaten up... Because there is so much water down there it is MUDDY. Like you could lose your shoes in the mud haha. And I mean the mosquitos are just a given. Also it isn't heavily trafficked, so the person in front was the dedicated "spider web remover" (or they wouldn't see it and walk into it). We all got pretty cut up, and were all really sore the next couple of days haha. I'm pretty sure they were pretty mad that I didn't tell them it was a kind of hard hike.... 

I think this hike is also called the "Guava hike", but it was past harvest season so we didn't see any. There is a memorial at the beginning though because a scout died a couple years on the hike... Since it's a "gulch", if it rains, there can be a massive flash flood. 

It was pretty though! And an adventure haha. None of us regretted it, butttt probably won't ever do it again.

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