Sunday, February 14, 2016

New News

So I had this really good idea that I would try to make like a bajillion different types of valentines treats for fun.

Well I made two different kinds and then decided I was too tired to keep this up...

Mostly because I made these sugar cookie bars which are amazing but I couldn't even make them Valentine's themed because we didn't have Valentine's sprinkles so I just made them Christmas.

Have yet to make my mini cheesecakes in these super awesome springform pans we just bought!

Casually makes same cookie bars again because they were so good....
Forgot to mention that the first time I ate the whole pan of them because they were so good--the second time I shared. I really regret sharing now though because I wanted to eat them all..

Did you know that during February every Wednesday has a free breakfast food?
Obviously we are going every Wednesday because nothing is better than free food.

Finally tried bubble tea/smoothie thing!
I tried making those little tapioca pearls before and I thought I didn't make them right because I didn't like them....nope. I made them right. Still don't like them that much haha I just drank the smoothie, it was a bomb mango smoothie <3

Addie got some beignets from the best place in Kansas City aka the only place in KC with beignets.

Proceeded to this super cool old little burger joint. It was amazing to see how small it was but how many people came to get stuff! And the workers even recognized and knew people and their "usuals" it was that kind of feel.

casual. casual.

Goodnight loves
xoxo, me and my Asian eyes

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