Thursday, December 17, 2015


Such a party, am I right?

Basically, the most confusing vague thing I've ever done in my life.

On August 31 I got in an accident.
 It was my fault, so I got a ticket and court day for December 17.

I tried to send in my money for my ticket like a good citizen and they sent it back because apparently I have to wait for the judge to rule whether or not I pay more....? 
(I didn't have to pay more, only $154, lucky me)

I get there and am a little confused of what is happening because there are two hundred other people who have the same time!

Apparently we all just sit there silently as we go up one by one. Super awkward.

After waiting only an hour I finally got called up. 
(I was one of the first people because mine was in August. All the people who missed their previous court dates went first, and then those with lawyers. Then all the accidents, so that the witnesses could leave, and then those with speeding tickets)

Judge: On August 31 you were involved in an accident on 291. You had insurance on hand, and there were no serious accidents. What do you plead?

Me: I plead guilty.

Judge: *calls up other guy from crash* (screw the other guy he sucks) Was your damage covered?

Idiot: Yes

Judge: Okay you are dismissed. *Turns to me* you can take a 4 hour driving improvement class to wave 4 points (I HAVE FREAKING 9 RIGHT NOW)



It was freaking ridiculous how many teenagers from my school and the other high school were there. Like yes we understand that we suck at driving, but if there are that many accidents on one street, there's obviously a problem with traffic in this area and something needs to be done. 

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